Feb 27, 2024

How to address your employee support pain points with AI

How to address your employee support pain points with Gaspar AI

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A year after the massive success and quickest than ever adoption of ChatGPT, followed by the rise of AI in every corner of our lives, one thing hasn’t changed: IT leaders continue to struggle with the same pain points and concerns as they steer digital transformations aimed at bolstering business resilience and enhancing experiences for both customers and employees. From overwhelmed employee support teams to slow response times and complicated processes, these challenges can significantly impact employee satisfaction and overall business operations. In this blog post, we'll delve into the most common pain points and explore how companies can adopt Gaspar AI to address them and unlock valuable benefits.

Pain point: Overwhelmed employee support helpdesk teams

Helpdesk support teams face a constant influx of inquiries and issues, often struggling to keep pace with the volume of requests. It's indicative that ticket volume has increased +35% in the last 2 years. This high workload can lead to delays in response times and challenges in providing timely assistance to employees, impacting overall support efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Gaspar AI alleviates the burden on helpdesk support teams by eliminating L1 support tickets through autonomous resolution and freeing them from massive ticket queues. Our platform offers automated solutions and accurate Generative AI responses to routine employee queries. Gaspar AI uses proprietary algorithms and high-quality, sector-specific datasets , along with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) that ensures the generated answers are based on the company’s knowledge base and internal repositories. At the same time, multiple plugins and GenAI triggered automations allow for instant, automated resolution of most frequent issues, such as password resets. Gaspar AI guarantees swift and precise resolution of L1 issues without human intervention, freeing up valuable resources for more complex tasks.

Value delivered: Reduced ticket volume and manual work

By automatically and accurately answering and resolving routine queries, Gaspar AI deflects a high number of support tickets, relieving the pressure on helpdesk teams and streamlining support processes .

Pain point: Unproductive employees

The lack of employee productivity may stem from difficulties in accessing timely support or inefficient communication channels, and greatly hinders business operations. With Gaspar AI, employees benefit from instant, high-quality and precise Generative AI responses to repetitive queries. Our Virtual Agent is powered by fine-tuned LLMs optimized to work with enterprise data, and has advanced NLP and NLU capabilities to identify intent and ensure context-aware dialogues. It also engages in interactive conversations and asks follow-up questions to help employees get the right answer.

Value delivered: Increased productivity

By empowering employees with timely and accurate support, Gaspar AI minimizes downtime and allows employees to focus on their core tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

Pain point: Employees struggle to use multiple tools and communicate with the helpdesk

Employees struggle to navigate disparate systems, making it difficult to find the files, information or resources they need, or access the support they require.

Gaspar AI streamlines employee support by offering a unified, easy-to-use solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools. Our friendly, intuitive interface on Slack , MS Teams and Jira SM support portal empowers employees to just talk with our chatbot and immediately get solutions. Our AI helpdesk platform instantly consolidates information from different sources, staying grounded in each company’s data, and delivers responses in a human-like way. All AI-generated answer summaries adhere to access permissions and users can instantly verify them through citations and links to source content, boosting their trust to our AI platform. Omni-channel support and easy handoff to human agents also enhance communication between the helpdesk team and employees.

Value delivered: Increased user adoption

With its user-friendly interface, trustworthy responses and omni-channel support, Gaspar AI encourages widespread adoption among employees, leading to smoother communication and collaboration between helpdesk teams and end-users.

Pain point: Dissatisfaction with employee support performance due to slow response times

Resolution time has increased by +57%* in the last two years. Slow response times impede productivity, lead to dissatisfaction with overall support quality and erode trust in IT support services. Gaspar AI improves IT support efficiency by increasing agent productivity through automated processes. By facilitating easy ticket creation, automated sync with the ITSM platform, and smart routing to the right agent, Gaspar AI reduces response times and enhances the perception of IT services. Our AI helpdesk allows employees to look up the status of one or multiple tickets on Slack, MS Teams or the ITSM portal for greater resolution visibility. And in case additional details or responses are needed, it automatically sends notifications to employees and agents.

Value delivered: Improved IT helpdesk perception

Gaspar AI enhances IT support efficiency, reducing response times and improving employee satisfaction with quicker issue resolution. This boosts the perception of IT services within the company, making the IT and helpdesk team the employees’ best partners.

Pain point: Investments entail long time-to-value and deployment

Investments often require extended deployment periods and time-to-value, posing challenges for companies seeking rapid returns on their technology investments. Lengthy deployment processes can delay the realization of benefits, hindering business agility and innovation. Gaspar AI accelerates value realization with its rapid deployment process that takes no more than 1 hour and seamless integrations. By offering over 30 out-of-the-box integrations and quick knowledge ingestion from various platforms, such as Sharepoint, Google Docs, Coda, Confluence, Helpjuice, Notion, Dropbox, Gaspar AI ensures companies can swiftly leverage its capabilities.

Value delivered: Rapid value

Gaspar AI's quick deployment and seamless integrations ensure companies can swiftly leverage its capabilities, resulting in accelerated value realization and faster return on investment.

Pain point: Data security concerns

Data security concerns pose represent a critical challenge for organizations, as breaches can jeopardize sensitive data and result in significant financial and reputational damage. Protecting data integrity and confidentiality is paramount in maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders.

Gaspar AI prioritizes data security and privacy by ensuring that customer data are protected. The information collected from our customers is strictly confidential and will never be shared with other customers or utilized to train our generic AI model. The sole purpose of collecting these data is to enhance and personalize each company's model for an improved and tailored experience. Thus, data are first stripped of anything personal or sensitive to the business. Moreover, customer data reside in their own region and don’t get transferred between regions. With data centers located across different continents (US, Canada, EU, or UK), Gaspar AI adheres to stringent privacy regulations.

Value delivered: Respects business processes and privacy

Gaspar AI safeguards sensitive information and adheres to business processes, thereby instilling confidence and trust in the company’s data handling practices.

Pain point: Complicated and repetitive processes that add zero value

Complex and tedious processes that contribute little to no value can bog down organizational efficiency and drain resources. These inefficiencies often arise from outdated workflows and manual tasks that consume valuable time and effort without yielding meaningful results.

Gaspar AI simplifies and automates complex processes with its no-code, intelligent workflow automation . Helpdesk teams can create custom workflows to automate repetitive processes such as employee onboarding, account creation and more. Our AI helpdesk also identifies and resolves issues through GenAI-triggered automations, thus offering instant, autonomous resolution and deflecting tickets.

Value delivered: Easy and smart automation

Gaspar AI simplifies complex workflows and automates repetitive tasks without requiring any manual effort or coding skills.

Accelerate employee support efficiency and satisfaction with Gaspar AI

Gaspar AI emerges as a transformative solution for addressing common pain points in employee support, offering unparalleled value through its advanced Generative AI capabilities. By reducing ticket volume, increasing productivity, improving user adoption, enhancing IT perception, accelerating value realization, ensuring data security, and enabling smart automation, Gaspar AI empowers companies to optimize their support processes and deliver exceptional experiences to employees. Embrace Gaspar AI today to revolutionize your employee support ecosystem and unlock a new era of efficiency and satisfaction.

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