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Unlock help desk's full potential with AI chatbot and workflows
Gaspar AI instantly auto-fulfills the most common employee tech issues, from resetting passwords to answering IT questions to automatically performing the IT onboarding process. You no more do just boring, repetitive stuff at work - you accelerate IT impact!
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One AI platform, all the solutions your employees need
Gaspar AI is here to make your job easier and more exciting. Instead of being inundated with tickets and switching from app to app to find answers, you now have one platform to manage, and automatically resolve and fulfill most of the recurrent employee questions and repetitive IT tasks, no matter where in the world your employees are. On top of this, you get actionable insights to improve IT support.
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Gaspar AI offers automated solutions and insights
Let Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot, answer IT questions and fix account issues in seconds, right where employees are - on Slack or Microsoft Teams - , while you focus on building your company's IT future. Gaspar immediately responds to your employees' IT queries, resolving 40% of them without your IT teams getting involved.
Onboarding - Offboarding
Simplify onboarding and reduce offboarding time by building and running customized, automated workflows for these processes. You can build as many templates as you wish, which will include all the main actions that need to be performed once a new employee is hired or someone is leaving the company. These templates will run automatically either when you create them, or at a specific date you set them to run. For example, for IT onboarding, you can create a workflow that includes new account creation, enable the apps the user will have access to and what they can do with these apps, and set who will approve specific actions. Then, you can set it to run on the date the new employee joins the company. With Gaspar AI, next time you have to open a new account you will be delighted, not annoyed!
Proactive insights
Get insights on your chatbot's performance and employees’ top questions, and identify gaps in your company's knowledge management system. For example, Gaspar AI can give you information about common employee IT questions for which there is no answer in the company's knowledge base. As a result, we can help you organize and optimize your knowledge management system, and enable you to focus on the most critical issues.
Automated approvals
Make it easy for everyone to access the channels, email lists, folders, calendars and groups they need but not the ones they don't. The process happens on Slack or Microsoft teams, for both the requester and the approver. All the information is available right within the chat platform such as the requester of the approval and status of the request, and users can track them anytime.
View our automated solutions in more detail
If you are wondering exactly which IT issues we auto-resolve, pick and choose one of the key categories below and see which specific actions can be instantly and automatically performed
Password Management
Single Sign On (SSO)
Account Management
Calendar Management
Channel Management
Folder Management
Group Management
IT service management
License Management
MFA Management
Organization Unit Management
Password reset
Reset the password of an account.
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Enjoy a high ROI and boost your productivity
Reduce resolution time and help desk cost per ticket while decreasing your manual work by 80%. You will gain more employee trust in your IT department and transform the users' IT experience into magic.
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