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Auto-resolve IT requests instantly with AI
Do you feel like all you do is reset passwords or add people to email lists again and again? With Gaspar AI, this is no more! Our AI based help desk platform auto-resolves employee IT issues instantly on Slack or Microsoft Teams, without your involvement, and auto-fulfills repetitive IT tasks - so you can focus on implementing strategic projects.
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Conversational AI and workflows in one cutting-edge platform
Powerful AI and workflows allow you to automate IT service delivery like never before. Now your employees solve their IT requests right where they are - on Slack or Microsoft Teams -, you speed-up and run repetitive workflow processes like magic and optimize IT projects thanks to key insights. No need to switch applications, just 1 pioneering AI-based helpdesk platform!
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The Gaspardesk platform
Integrates seamlessly on top of your existing tools – so you have no switching costs
Is deployed in just 30 minutes - go live and thrive
Is tailored to your needs – just pick and choose the features you want to enable
4 interfaces
Conversational AI chatbot
Available on Slack or Microsoft Teams, it makes it smooth and easy for employees to solve their problems in seconds, simply by having a conversation with Gaspar, our always-accessible AI chatbot. It uses Natural Language Processing to understand their questions' context and intent. As for approval requests, the process also happens on Slack or Microsoft teams, for both the requester and the approver. In case Gaspar can't resolve their IT issue, it offers immediate and hassle-free ticketing within Microsoft Teams and Slack, and creates a relevant ticket in the company's service management platform.
Use Gaspar AI's workflows to easily build and automate complex processes to auto-fulfill repetitive IT tasks such as employee onboarding and offboarding. No coding skills needed! You can create different templates, decide which apps, features and actions to enable, and have them run whenever you desire. You no more have to do the same process all over again whenever a new hire joins the company!
Gaspar AI's admin portal showing data and insights on tickets opened, tickets resolved, workflows
Admin Portal
An easy-to-use portal, where your admins get complete authority over their Gaspar AI deployment. They can select which features, actions and integrations they want to enable, control user access and permissions, and much more.
Admin portal showing data and charts on most used automations, and proactive insights
Analytics Dashboard
A comprehensive overview of insights and real-time monitoring of key KPIs so that IT leaders get an exceptional outlook on their support process performance. Gaspar AI analyzes all employee IT requests to present performance insights and a simple, actionable to-do list. IT leaders can thus identify the most common critical issues and information gaps in their knowledge base, and consequently prioritize their actions.
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