Gaspar for HR

AI helpdesk for impactful HR support

Let our Generative AI HR helpdesk tackle routine tasks, while your team empowers your people to thrive. Enhance employee engagement and transform your HR operations.


Faster onboarding

Create a memorable onboarding journey for new team members, ensuring they navigate every step seamlessly. Empower HR teams to focus on creating a warm welcome, knowing that the onboarding process is automated, foolproof and fast.


Increased employee happiness

Experience a boost in employee satisfaction with our AI-powered HR helpdesk. Employees get instant, user-friendly assistance, minimising their frustration and unproductive time, and maximising their satisfaction and loyalty.


Faster paid time off approvals

Requesting time-off now is as smooth as a summer breeze! The process happens on one platform and the approval is instant. Your HR team saves valuable time as all systems are updated automatically.

Transform your HR helpdesk with AI capabilities

Smart automation

Automate tedious, repetitive tasks such as time-off requests with Generative AI. Give your HR team their time back to shine in employee engagement and talent acquisition, and empower employees to be more productive.

Smart automation

Express approvals

Speed up decision-making from days to minutes with a streamlined approval process on one platform. Instantly approve PTO and give access to calendars and folders.

Express approvals

Swift onboarding

Make onboarding an unforgettable experience. Craft custom, no-code workflows to automate the process, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and allowing HR teams to foster a positive employee experience, without missing any crucial steps.

Swift onboarding

Instant answers

Empower your workforce to instantly find the information they are looking for: HR policies and benefits, how-to questions, and much more. All just a question away from our GenAI Virtual Agent!

Instant answers

Personalized info

Offer employees quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs and employment situation, such as their daily tasks, project deadlines, PTO balance.

Personalized info

Seamless employee experience across platforms

Automate tasks and solve employee helpdesk issues instantly with our Generative AI Virtual Agent. It integrates right where employees are for an effortless support experience: on Slack, MS Teams and Jira SM support portal.

Slack Showcase

Full spectrum integrations

Transform your everyday applications with Generative AI

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