Gaspar AI for Sales

Automate for Sales success

Elevate your sales game with Gaspar AI helpdesk — a cutting-edge platform that empowers your team to seal significant deals and advance sales effortlessly.


Quicker answers

Make a positive impression on prospects by quickly answering their emails. Instantly find answers to their sales or product-related questions thanks to our Generative AI. All the answers are just a question away!


Accurate sales info

No more errors or misleading info – empower your Sales team to make real connections with prospects by giving them access to accurate sales information, usually buried among different systems and apps.


Faster contract info

Ask our Generative AI Virtual Agent any contract-related question and it will answer with information tailored specifically to every sales rep.

AI capabilities for Sales teams

Instant answers

Empower your Sales team to quickly respond to prospects’ questions by giving them instant access to the information they are looking for: payment and credit policies, how-to questions, data retention policy, and much more.

Instant answers

Express approvals

Speed up decision-making from days to minutes with a streamlined approval process on one platform.

Express approvals

Personalized info

Offer your Sales reps quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs and sales contracts, such as deadlines, contract value, and more.

Personalized info

Full spectrum integrations

Transform your everyday applications with Generative AI

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