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Gaspar AI - A touch of magic in IT support
**Conversational AI** to instantly auto-resolve recurrent employee IT issues without your IT teams' involvement, and **Workflows** to auto-fulfill repetitive IT processes.
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Decrease your manual work by 80%
Different locations and time zones, hundreds of employee new IT tickets, even more backlogged. You feel like you work 24/7 to just answer the same questions over and over. Sounds like a typical day at work? Not anymore! With Gaspar AI's Workflow Automation, you can auto-fulfill repetitive IT tasks, such as employee onboarding, by 90%, while auto-resolving requests instantly thanks to Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot. Now your IT work can be a force for change and impact within your company!
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Auto-resolve 40% of IT requests
No more being monopolized by answering password reset questions again and again or onboarding new hires every day! Change your days at work from frustration to happiness and offer a magical employee IT experience on Slack or Microsoft Teams, thanks to our multiple integrations and tailored-to-your-needs features. And it gets better: It just takes 30 minutes to deploy, and you are all set up!
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Office 365
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Integrate with multiple applications
Gaspar AI integrates seamlessly with over 30 applications for better and quicker employee IT support.
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Boost profitability and employee happiness!
Gain amazing benefits for your company, IT department and employees. The ultimate conversational AI service desk for employee support to deliver instant, automated help around the world, and transform the IT teams' work and employee experience into magic.
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Estimate the tickets, time and money you save when using Gaspar AI. Get ready for a dramatic increase in your productivity and profitability!
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