Jan 26, 2023

Gaspar AI's chatbot automatically resolves an employee's Office 365 password reset request on Microsoft Teams

Using MS Teams for employee support thanks to Gaspar AI

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Traditionally, employees have to rely on multiple channels and systems to get support: emails, ITSM platforms, calls, or simple office walk-ins. This results in time and productivity losses, and increased costs: employees have to go through an extra task or complex process just to register their issue, then wait for an answer, while in the meantime they may be unable to work, depending on their problem. At the same time, the helpdesk team is inundated with questions and tickets, works on the same routine tasks 24/7, and fails to provide timely support.

Yet, there is a platform that all employees know, prefer and use for their daily communication and meetings: Microsoft Teams . What if, instead of having to use one more platform for IT & HR support, everything happened right there, instantly and hassle-free?

Solve employee IT and HR issues instantly on MS Teams

Gaspar AI, our AI-based employee support auto-resolution platform , is built from the ground up to integrate with Microsoft Teams, making it smooth and easy for employees to solve their problems in seconds. They simply have a conversation with our always-accessible Conversational AI chatbot, Gaspar. Gaspar offers personalized support: our virtual agent understands the issue faced by the employee and provides solutions that are tailored to their needs by using Generative AI and machine learning. With our ChatGPT integration and dialog management capabilities, employees can have interactive and meaningful conversations with our chatbot.

Gaspar actually resolves 40% of employee IT and HR issues, and does not just provide recommendations: for a password reset request for example, it will actually reset the password instantly, as it automatically verifies the end user’s identity thanks to multiple integrations, and not just guide the user through the company’s process of password reset. Gaspar AI also integrates with the company’s knowledge management system so that our chatbot can answer questions and get the correct data at the right time to the right individual.

As most of the questions are repetitive, our GPT-powered service desk integrated within Teams significantly saves time and simplifies the help desk team’s tasks by resolving these routine issues within 10 seconds, without causing pain to the employees and support teams. This will allow all of them to work more efficiently.

Though our AI-powered service desk within MS Teams will resolve a large portion of employee issues, the employees can also have live expert assistance in case auto-resolution is not possible. However, unlike traditional ITSM tools, the process to create the IT ticket is painless: tickets are easily created on MS Teams, by filling in a form, and then synced with the company's service management platform. The users and IT teams will receive status updates on Teams.

Why employees and help desk teams love Gaspar on MS Teams

Our employee support within MS Teams will enhance employee and help desk teams’ productivity in various ways such as:

  • Let employees resolve a great % of their IT and HR requests on Microsoft Teams, the platform they already know and use.
  • Enable them to get accurate answers to their questions in a human-like way, thanks to our ChatGPT integration.
  • Employees and help desk teams can check the ticket status and follow up on Teams.
  • Allow employees to reply to the comments on tickets and approval requests within Microsoft Teams.
  • Help desk team agents will have the ability to schedule a live chat within Teams with an employee to answer a ticket.

To better understand all our capabilities and the benefits you will get by integrating Gaspar AI with Microsoft Teams, you can read our solution brief below or schedule a demo with our team.