Nov 7, 2023

AI in IT support: debunking five myths

AI in IT support: Friend or Foe? Debunking the myths

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Artificial Intelligence has become a pervasive force in our lives, transforming industries and reshaping the way we work. In the realm of IT support, the integration of AI technologies has led to both excitement and apprehension. While some see AI as a revolutionary ally that can streamline processes and enhance user experiences, others harbor concerns about its implications.

In this blog post, we will explore common myths and misconceptions about AI in IT support and demonstrate how it can be a valuable asset for companies.

Myth 1: AI will replace human IT support

One of the most prevalent myths is the fear that AI will replace human IT support professionals. And it prevents companies from investing in AI-powered systems that will dramatically change their employee support operations for the better.

While AI has made great strides in automating routine tasks and providing efficient solutions, it is not a complete substitute for human expertise. AI excels in tasks like diagnosing common issues, offering self-service solutions, and providing immediate responses to frequently asked questions. However, complex problem-solving, understanding nuanced issues, and empathetic communication still require human intervention. In fact, AI can work in harmony with IT professionals, allowing them to focus on more challenging and value-adding tasks. Efficient employee support is all about finding the perfect balance between AI-powered resolution and human agent support , as both have advantages to relay.

Gaspar AI for example, provides seamless digital workplace support that perfectly mixes the finest aspects of human expertise with the capabilities of AI technology. It blends the best of AI technology with the best of human experience: a chatbot that is trained on advanced LLMs to accurately solve employee queries, with the option to easily create a ticket which will be automatically routed to the right human agent when auto-resolution is not possible.

Myth 2: AI is too expensive for small businesses

Another misconception is that AI in IT support is only accessible to large enterprises with deep pockets. In reality, AI solutions have become increasingly affordable and scalable, making them accessible to companies of all sizes. Many AI-powered IT support tools are available as subscription services, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to harness the benefits of AI without a significant upfront investment. What’s more, since these tools will improve efficiency, solve issues more quickly and reduce downtime, they ultimately save money in the long run, making AI solutions more affordable than continuing with the old school IT support.

To give you an idea, Gaspar AI has a low-cost pricing of just $4 per user monthly, so it is suited even for small businesses that want to enter the AI-powered era. This pricing includes all our platform’s features and unlimited users, queries and uses. Moreover, our customers enjoy a $1 cost per ticket compared to $26.5 without our solution, which results in great cost savings as well.

Myth 3: AI Is prone to errors and inaccuracies

Skeptics often argue that AI is error-prone and unreliable. While it's true that AI models can make mistakes, they are constantly improving through machine learning and fine-tuning. AI in IT support can achieve impressive accuracy rates in tasks such as identifying common issues, predicting system failures, and offering solutions. Moreover, AI doesn't get fatigued or distracted like humans, ensuring consistent performance 24/7.

At Gaspar AI, to make sure we have accurate results, we follow five main principles when creating our datasets: relevance, consistency, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and anonymity. We create our own data, but also collect real data from our customers. This means that we have a wealth of data that is specific to the Technical Support domain. We also understand the importance of solid algorithms. This is why we use the state-of-the-art (SOTA). We have chosen our algorithms by extensively experimenting with many SOTA methods. At the same time, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the area of NLP, and continuously apply this knowledge to our product by evaluating any improvements. That’s what makes our platform’s automated solutions safe and accurate.

Myth 4: AI lacks personalization and empathy

Some believe that AI lacks the personal touch and empathy that human IT support agents provide. While AI doesn't possess emotions or empathy, it can be programmed to understand and respond to user needs with a high degree of personalization. AI can analyze user behavior and preferences to tailor responses and solutions accordingly, providing a more personalized experience. Additionally, AI can free up human agents to focus on the more empathetic and complex aspects of employee interactions.

With Gaspar AI’s newest Personalized HR Info feature, employees have access to a wealth of information that is tailored to their unique needs and employment situation. Whether they’re planning a vacation or need to understand your company's policies better, Gaspar AI is here to help. It’s like having a friendly, responsive assistant available to answer employee questions and provide them with personalized information whenever they need it. Talking about AI lacking personal touch!

Myth 5: AI is complex and difficult to implement

Implementing AI in IT support may sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Many AI tools are designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward integration processes. Additionally, AI vendors often provide support and resources to help companies get started. It's essential to choose AI solutions that align with your specific needs and are compatible with your existing IT infrastructure. Once integrated, AI can enhance your support operations and streamline processes.

For example, Gaspar AI is one of these platforms that are extremely easy to implement. It does not require any special skills from employees and service desk teams: the chatbot is added on Slack , MS Teams or Jira SM support portal , employees interact with it in their everyday language, and the whole support process happens on these platforms. And if you are afraid to ask about the deployment timeframe, fear not! In just 30 minutes our platform can be up and running! It also integrates with more than 30 frequently used applications , including the most common ITSM systems, so your company won’t experience any disruptions or switching costs.

AI in IT support, your favorite ally for efficient operations

In conclusion, AI in IT support is not a foe but a friend that can enhance the capabilities of human IT professionals. By debunking common myths and misconceptions, we can appreciate the value that AI brings to the table. It can improve efficiency, save costs, and enhance the user experience, ultimately benefiting companies of all sizes. Embracing AI in IT support is a step toward staying competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Now that we have addressed your most common AI misconceptions, if you want to understand how Gaspar AI can benefit your company’s IT support operations and save you tons of money, schedule a free, personalized demo .