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Freshservice & Gaspar virtual agents: what you need to know

Wed Apr 26 2023

6 mins read

Freshservice and Gaspar AI virtual agents: what you need to know
Chances are, in today's hybrid work world you have already adopted an ITSM platform to streamline your IT support. If this platform is Freshservice, then you might be facing a dilemma: upgrade your subscription plan to access their virtual agent? Or stick with your current plan and deploy a different chatbot, namely Gaspar, our conversational AI chatbot, to handle employee requests on Slack and Microsoft Teams? \ \ Well, no need to stress! We have gathered the key factors to take into account and assess when deciding what to do. We hope they are helpful and that they will make your decision process easier - no matter your final choice! Additionally, even if you're already on the Enterprise plan, reading [this ebook]( will highlight the benefits you still get by [integrating with Freshservice]( Gaspar AI can enhance your team's efficiency and productivity, as it provides numerous capabilities and advantages. \ \ If you would like to learn more, please [contact us]( or [schedule a demo](! ## [Gaspar AI and Freshservice virtual agents what you need to know.pdf](