Dec 12, 2023

employee helpdesk workflows automated with AI

Beyond tickets: 12 employee helpdesk workflows to automate with AI

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Employee helpdesks are undergoing an AI transformation: moving beyond traditional ticket resolution, AI has huge potential in process and workflow automation. In this blog post we delve into the expansive realm of AI-driven automation, exploring its transformative impact on a variety of business, HR and IT helpdesk processes.

1. Streamlining onboarding with AI

AI-powered automation is reshaping the onboarding process by expediting routine tasks. From provisioning access credentials to setting up email accounts, AI algorithms can automate these repetitive actions, ensuring a swift and error-free onboarding experience. This not only reduces the burden on human resources but also enhances the new employee's first impression of the company.

For example, with Gaspar AI your team can set up workflows to simplify onboarding without any coding skills . They can set up accounts, applications, and access on the Admin portal, and watch the magic unfold automatically when needed. The workflows will automatically run directly on Slack, the Admin portal or your ITSM tool – the choice is yours!

At the same time, they can integrate account setup workflows with HiBob . Then, once they run them, the new accounts will be automatically added on both your SSO service and your HiBob app. No need for your IT team to manually inform the HR department, and for the HR team to manually create the account on HiBob as well.

2. Automated onboarding documentation

AI can also assist in the generation and distribution of onboarding documentation. From contracts to policy manuals, automation ensures that new hires receive the necessary paperwork promptly, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring compliance.

3. Efficient offboarding through automation

Just as with onboarding, AI plays a crucial role in automating offboarding workflows. It can handle tasks such as revoking system access, collecting company assets, and initiating exit interviews. By automating these processes, companies can ensure compliance with security protocols and streamline the transition for departing employees, maintaining a secure and organized offboarding procedure.

4. Automated IT resource access requests

AI-driven workflows can handle requests for IT resource access, ensuring that employees obtain the necessary permissions for specific tools and systems. Automation helps in the swift processing of access requests while maintaining security and compliance.

For instance, requests to access shared folders or get software licenses are automatically handled via Gaspar AI’s chatbot on Slack or MS Teams . The whole approval process happens right there for both the requester and the approver – no need to switch apps or wait hours to get the access you need!

5. Automated benefits enrollment

AI-driven systems can automate benefits enrollment processes, guiding employees through the selection of health plans, retirement contributions, and other benefits. This ensures that employees make informed choices and experience a smooth enrollment process, freeing time for the HR helpdesk team as well to focus on creating a positive employee experience.

6. Inventory management in IT

From tracking hardware and software assets to optimizing stock levels, AI systems can automate asset management and inventory tracking processes, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accuracy.

7. Automated software deployment and updates

AI workflows can streamline the software deployment and update processes. Automation ensures that software patches and updates are deployed seamlessly across the organization, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities and ensuring all systems are up to date.

8. Recognition and rewards automation

AI can automate the recognition and rewards HR process by monitoring employee achievements and milestones. Whether it's hitting sales targets or completing a project ahead of schedule, the system can trigger automated recognition messages or rewards, fostering a positive and motivating work environment.

9. Automated compliance checks

AI-driven automation is invaluable in ensuring compliance during employee transitions. From verifying that onboarding documentation is complete to conducting exit interviews in accordance with company policies, AI can automate these compliance checks. This not only reduces the risk of oversight but also enhances the accuracy and consistency of compliance procedures.

10. Employee surveys and sentiment analysis

AI offers vital help to the HR department by automating the collection and analysis of employee surveys and feedback. Beyond collecting survey responses, AI can perform sentiment analysis on employee feedback. This involves understanding the emotional tone of responses, providing deeper insights into employee satisfaction levels, and identifying areas for improvement within the company.

11. Expense report processing

AI-driven automation can streamline the processing of employee expense reports. By automatically extracting and categorizing data from receipts, validating expenses against company policies, and routing for approval, this process becomes more efficient and less prone to errors.

12. Automated leave management

Streamlining the leave request and approval process, AI can automate the submission, review, and approval of leave requests. By integrating with calendars and workload data, the system can ensure that leave requests are managed efficiently without compromising team productivity.

At Gaspar AI, for example, we understand that requesting time off shouldn't be a hassle, and that's why we've come together with HiBob to simplify the process and make it as smooth as a summer breeze! Employees effortlessly submit their requests on Slack’s (or MS Teams) intuitive interface and the whole process happens there. At the same time, your HR team has multiple reasons to be happy: approved time off syncs seamlessly with HiBob's leave management module, providing accurate records for attendance tracking and payroll.

Revolutionizing employee helpdesk workflows with the power of AI

The integration of AI in employee helpdesk workflows goes beyond ticket resolution, revolutionizing processes from employee onboarding to leave management. Through automation, companies can streamline these critical workflows, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and superior employee experiences. As we continue to unlock the potential of AI in process automation, the future of employee helpdesk workflows promises a more agile, adaptive, and employee-centric support ecosystem.