Jan 26, 2023

AI analyses and uses data from employee and IT chats to suggest insights and recommendations.

Transform data into actionable knowledge with AI-powered Insights

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Do you feel like all you do is connect laptops to printers or explain to employees how to set up a VPN over and over again? You just wish that there was a way for employees to get their answers easily, without your involvement, especially for these common, everyday questions, instead of losing time every day to resolve them. You could add articles about these solutions in the company’s knowledge base, but you don’t even know where to start. Maybe your company doesn’t even have a knowledge management system!

Good news is, you are not alone! 65% of IT professionals agree that their companies would benefit from better Knowledge Management practices, and that their support group has a substantial amount of knowledge that is not currently in the knowledge base.

Although it is always good to know you are not the only one going through challenges, this is hardly any consolation. The actual good news is that now there are solutions to these challenges!

AI-powered ITSM platforms and Data Analytics

Enter modern IT Service Management platforms! Most AI-powered intelligent ITSM platforms offer an AI Chatbot that automatically resolves recurrent employee IT issues, together with an Analytics interface with Performance and Proactive Insights. These analytics tools are very useful for gathering insights into employees’ IT questions and needs, to start creating or better organize your company’s knowledge base, and thus optimize knowledge management. At the same time, they provide a good look into your chatbot’s performance and the impact of your investment. Therefore, they offer a comprehensive overview of insights and real-time monitoring of key KPIs so that as an IT leader you can get an exceptional outlook on your support process performance on one hand, while identifying gaps in your company's knowledge management system on the other hand.

Optimize your knowledge with Proactive Insights

So how exactly can these AI-powered platforms help change your workdays into magic?

Let’s say you answer 100 employee IT requests every week, you more or less know which are the most common issues, but you have no idea whether employees are asking these because they cannot find answers in the company’s knowledge base, or because they just don’t want to spend time looking for those answers. And among the hundreds of tickets you receive and have backlogged, you definitely don’t have time to research.

Intelligent ITSM platforms like Gaspar AI provide Proactive Analytics Insights : they analyze all employee IT requests to present a simple list of the most common issues that go unanswered because there is no solution in the company’s knowledge base. With a very user-friendly dashboard, they reveal employees’ most common tech issues and troubleshooting questions and shed light on the knowledge articles that will be most requested, if they exist. They identify key gaps in your resources, and therefore enable you to focus your effort and time in creating these important resources.

Imagine for example not having a knowledge article on how to install a printer on your laptop – you probably spend hours every week setting them up for new hires and existing employees who need them, when with Proactive Insights you can just get this information on a dashboard, write the article and add it to your knowledge management system. Next time someone asks, you can refer them to it and they will solve this problem by themselves. Think about the time and money you would save!

Even if you don’t already have a knowledge base, with Proactive Insights you have a good place to start: you can prioritize the most common, critical employee IT issues that will free you up a great amount of time.

Measure the impact of your IT support investment with Performance Insight

You finally made the investment in an intelligent ITSM platform, you have your chatbot installed, and now you want to understand whether your new support process lives up to your expectations and is worth the financing.

Performance Insights enable you to oversee every aspect of your AI deployment, from the number of employees engaging with the bot to the percentage of all IT issues the chatbot resolves autonomously. It also provides information on whether the bot resolution rate is improving over time, what is the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) for all tickets and how it changes, which channels are most popular for reporting issues, and how users are engaging with their tickets via the chatbot. Consequently, you can determine your investment’s ROI at a glance and know where to focus your attention.

What’s more, with Gaspar AI, you get even more powerful insights: it will show you how many more employee IT questions you could solve instantly and automatically if you integrated with more applications.

Accelerate your IT support with intelligent insights

The best decisions are always data-driven. Intelligent, AI-powered ITSM platforms enable you to transform data into insights, so that you can effortlessly understand your IT support challenges, prioritize and act upon them.

If you would like to see Gaspar AI's Proactive Insights in action, please schedule a demo with our team.