Feb 15, 2023

Gaspar AI suggests common employee questions to be added to Confluence as knowledge articles.

Optimize your knowledge management with Confluence and Gaspar AI integration

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You love Confluence : it saves you and your team so much time by harnessing their collective knowledge into easy-to-find answers for everyone! It results to fewer questions and tickets towards your help desk team, and since you deployed the platform, it has indeed made a difference.

But what is better than Confluence? Confluence connected with Gaspar AI!

How would you feel if your company’s employees did not even have to search Confluence for answers? And if you could know what are their most common questions so that you made sure that you included knowledge articles for those? You are probably jumping with joy and want to have this done already!

Well, good news, now you can! Gaspar AI has built an integration with Confluence to let you get the most out of it.

Leverage your Confluence content to deflect employee tickets

Confluence enables you to easily organize knowledge and keep the information flowing. It includes, among others, your how-to guides with step-by-step guidance for completing a task and your troubleshooting articles that provide solutions for commonly encountered problems. Now, all this content that your team has built for Confluence can be leveraged by Gaspar AI.

When employees ask Gaspar - our Conversational AI chatbot - questions on Slack, Microsoft Teams or Jira Service Management portal , it provides the relevant knowledge articles so that employees get their answers instantly. All knowledge articles are automatically read and converted into a conversational format using Generative AI and our ChatGPT integration, so that employees don’t even need to switch platforms – they get their answers right on the platform they are on! This means that tickets are deflected, saving you and your team the repetitive, manual work, and allowing employees to go on with their work immediately.

Build and optimize your Confluence knowledge base

But what if you do not yet have a knowledge base? Well, Gaspar AI’s integration with Confluence can also help with that. Thanks to the Proactive Insights feature, you can get data about the most common employee questions and issues, so that your team can start building the relevant articles.

If you do have a Confluence-powered knowledge base, the Proactive Insights feature can help you optimize it. On the admin portal again, you will see insights about commonly encountered employee problems for which you do not yet have relevant knowledge articles. You can thus identify information gaps, so that you know where to focus your solution article creation efforts, and your company’s employees will be satisfied to have these answers.

Gaspar AI’s integration with Confluence empowers your team to get the most out of your existing deployment, improving the knowledge management process, increasing efficiency and reducing manual work.

Contact us or schedule a demo to see it in action.