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Gaspar AI and Jira SM virtual agent: everything you need to know

Tue Apr 09 2024

3 mins read

Atlassian and Gaspar AI virtual agents
If you are an Atlassian customer, you are likely considering the Jira SM virtual agent to boost your helpdesk team’s and employees’ productivity, accelerate work and streamline your support operations. At the same time, you are not sure about the exact features and automation you will get; or you might be a Standard customer so not eligible to deploy it. \ \ In this blog post, we delve into Atlassian’s features and explore how Gaspar AI can be a meaningful AI helpdesk alternative or a complementary platform. We have also created a useful [infographic]( that compares the two virtual agents to help you quickly navigate your options. ## What is Gaspar AI? Gaspar AI is your AI helpdesk partner that empowers your team and employees to perform better and be more productive by getting instant support and ultimately driving your company's success. Gaspar AI automates repetitive tasks and workflows, answers questions in seconds, optimizes knowledge management and automatically resolves more than 40% of employee issues – all within your company's chat platform. \ \ Our helpdesk offers a [Generative AI Virtual Agent on Slack, MS Teams and Jira SM]( support portal trained with best-in-class LLMs to understand employee questions' context and intent and provide instant resolution. Gaspar, our AI chatbot, can dynamically ask follow-up questions and combine multiple plugins until users get accurate solutions. \ \ It also offers no-code Workflow Automation to streamline repetitive processes, and an Admin Hub where IT managers can review performance, get business insights and AI recommendations about high-impact automation and content that’s missing from your knowledge base. ### Main AI helpdesk features - Generative AI chatbot on Slack, MS Teams and [Jira SM support portal]( for quick employee support - Instant resolution of more than 40% of issues - GenAI-enabled Knowledge Management - Slack and MS Teams accessible approvals and automation - Interactive notifications via Slack and MS Teams - No-code automation hub - Ticket automation and smart routing - Automated employee onboarding and offboarding - Multi-channel support - 30+ out-the-box [integrations]( with most used apps - Admin Hub to customize the platform and review everything support-related - Powerful analytics with useful dashboards and KPIs - AI-powered insights to optimize your knowledge base and automations #### Pros - Available to all customers, with unlimited capabilities and usage - Works with both Jira SM and Jira Software - Increased flexibility and multiple options for our chatbot: deployment on Slack, Teams or [JSM]( - Out-the-box automations – no need for manual work - Integration with multiple Knowledge Management systems - Intuitive and customizable interface and platform - 30min deployment - AI-powered for smart diagnosis and problem-solving - Integration with various enterprise software enhances service management functionalities - Implementation on Cloud, Data Center or other infrastructure - Data residency in US, EU, UK, CA #### Cons - Lack of an online community - Workflow automation capabilities can be further enriched - No AI-powered new content generation e.g. for new knowledge articles ## What is Jira SM’s Virtual Agent? The Jira Service Management virtual agent with Atlassian Intelligence automates support interactions right from within Slack to free up agent time and deliver service at scale. With a built-in AI engine that leverages Natural Language Processing, it offers fast, conversational support, automating Tier 1 support issues. It is available 24/7, ### Main features - AI-powered answers on Slack - Creation of custom intents - Automated web requests for basic support issues - Low/no code flow builder - Insights about the virtual agent’s effectiveness that help identify ways to optimize your intents and knowledge base - Ticket routing to the right team with pre-gathered context for complex issues #### Pros - Online community for help - Easy to use with the rest of Atlassian products - Automated issue creation on Jira SM when no request resolution is possible via the virtual agent #### Cons - Only available for Jira SM - Available only for Premium and Enterprise customers - Works only on Slack – limited flexibility - Need to manually create intents and conversation flows - No workflow automation - Available only on Cloud - No approvals automation - Few integrations – works in the Atlassian environment - Integrates with Confluence only and no other knowledge management systems - Mix of paid and free capabilities - Data residency in the US only ## Complement your Atlassian tools with Gaspar AI’s helpdesk platform Gaspar AI is a more holistic solution that comes with added features - including out-the-box automations - on top of the virtual agent. Our AI helpdesk unveils exclusive functionalities that can be tailored to your company and maximize the use of your Atlassian products – be it Jira SM or Jira Software – with no need to switch any apps or transition to new tools. You can discover all the extra capabilities you get in our informative [infographic]( \ \ You can thus improve your employee support efficiency and effectiveness. Noteworthy features include: - **Generative AI**: Unveiling a cutting-edge AI assistant that swiftly resolves employee issues with no human intervention. - **Jira SM, Slack and MS Teams chatbot integration**: user-friendly interface that facilitates real-time problem-solving. - **Agile Knowledge Management**: Empower your team with a dynamic knowledge base that evolves thanks to AI-powered recommendations. - **No code automation**: Unleash the power of automated workflows with ease. - **Available to all Atlassian customers, Cloud and Data Center**: no usage limits, no exclusivity, no price premiums. If you'd like to learn more about how Gaspar AI can transform your support operations and be a great asset to your company, [schedule a free, personalized demo]( ### [Jira SM virtual agent and Gaspar AI](