Oct 9, 2023

Gaspar AI and Ivanti integration

Integrating Ivanti with Gaspar AI for smarter helpdesk support

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You have successfully deployed Ivanti in your company and have already significantly improved your ITSM. You needed a hassle-free way to support users and deliver services with the flexibility to respond to new business initiatives and growth, and now you finally have it.

What if you could extend your platform’s capabilities beyond those offered by Ivanti, and get AI-powered automated solutions for your users, and insights for you and your team?

With Gaspar AI you can transform your company's chat platforms - Slack or MS Teams - into an AI helpdesk synced with Ivanti, that will make employee support smarter, quicker and more efficient. Read on to learn how!

Boost your employee service desk efficiency with the Gaspar AI helpdesk

With Gaspar AI’s integration, you can now delight your users and deliver internal support that creates value from day one with a solution that provides all the capabilities and automation you’d expect. And what’s best, there is no need to switch applications, just 1 cutting-edge AI platform that you can deploy in 30 minutes! It’s simple to use and easy to own and will offer you maximum ROI from your Ivanti investment.

Gaspar AI’s powerful Generative AI and workflows allow you to automate internal service delivery like never before. Your employees will be able to solve their requests right where they are - on Slack or Microsoft Teams -, instantly and without human intervention, your helpdesk team can speed-up ticket resolution and run repetitive workflow processes like magic, and you will optimize employee support thanks to data analytics and proactive insights.

Let’s see in more detail all the extended capabilities you will get.

Instant automated resolution on Slack and MS Teams

Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot that’s available 24/7, can solve your employees' requests quickly and without the need for human agent intervention. It uses Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding to interpret user intent and context, in order to offer unlimited solutions. Since it is not a rule-based chatbot, but trained with a Large Language Model, there is no need to pre-build any rules, questions, or knowledge base content.

Employees can chat with Gaspar on Slack or MS Teams using everyday language. Thanks to various app integrations in addition to Ivanti, the AI bot will instantly resolve requests via automation, or deflect tickets with accurate answers generated from articles in your knowledge base. You can tailor the platform to your needs: you can select how many app integrations you will allow. The more integrations you activate, the less manual work you will have to do.

To give you just a teaser of all the goodies you can get, here are some of the issues Gaspar can solve in seconds on Slack and MS Teams, without your involvement or the need to create a ticket on Ivanti:

  • Password reset: We know you hate these requests, and this is why we let our chatbot solve them! When an employee forgets their password, Gaspar automatically verifies the end user’s identity and provides a new password. It takes 10 seconds, and you don’t even have to know about it!
  • Group and channel management: Employees can create groups and add other users or remove them just by asking Gaspar. Similarly, they ask our chatbot for access to specific channels. If approvals are needed to join a group or channel, they happen on Slack and MS Teams.
  • Time off requests: Requesting time off shouldn't be a hassle, and that's why we've come together with HiBob to simplify the process and make it as smooth as a summer breeze! You can now effortlessly submit your request in just a few clicks on Slack’s (or MS Teams) intuitive interface. No more switching apps or manual approvals: the whole process happens right where your IT team, managers and employees are!

Accurate, human-like answers using RAG and dialog management

Gaspar, our Virtual Agent, has a dialog-management component and uses RAG ( Retrieval Augmented Generation ) to answer user queries using state-of-the-art generative LLMs. It will ask follow-up questions to clarify ambiguous queries. All answers are generated directly from your company's internal repositories and knowledge base, and our chatbot will respond in natural language – no need for users to read any solution articles! Employees will love this new experience and you will save time by deflecting tickets, increasing your efficiency and saving costs.

Automated workflows on Slack or the Admin Hub

It has never been easier to build the workflows you need without having any coding skills! You can create onboarding and offboarding workflows: create user accounts, add them to the company’s SSO service, grant them access to folders on shared drives. Then you can set them to run on the date an employee joins or leaves the company. The workflows will run automatically on that date! This dramatically decreases your team’s manual work as you can easily automate repetitive processes .

Automated and extended ITSM

Give your Ivanti service delivery an extra boost with Gaspar AI’s automated ticket creation! Any end-user's message on Slack or MS Teams turns into a ticket automatically. When Gaspar resolves an employee’s request, it automatically syncs self-created tickets with Ivanti.

In case Gaspar cannot resolve the problem, it lets the user create a relevant ticket on Slack or MS Teams, which is then synced with Ivanti. Then both the user and the agent can review and track the ticket status on the chat platform or on the Ivanti portal. Gaspar follows through to ticket completion, and lets the user know that their issue is resolved.

Intelligent knowledge management

Thanks to Gaspar AI’s Business Insights feature, you get data about the most common employee questions and issues, and identify knowledge or automation gaps. You can then build your knowledge base, if you don’t have one, or optimize your existing one: you can focus on writing first the most critical solution articles. You can also prioritize the automations that will have the biggest impact on employee support.

Internal support performance insights

On Gaspar AI's Admin Hub, you get real-time monitoring of key KPIs about your chatbot's performance, such as requests completed, and tickets deflected by Gaspar. Empowered by data, you can now prioritize your next projects accordingly, identify automation opportunities and decide where you should focus your effort.

AI that learns and gets better over time

The more you use Gaspar, our Generative AI chatbot, the more it can learn from historical data thanks to Machine Learning. AI has the ability to learn over time by observing feedback from the data and can be retrained to provide a more accurate result.

There are great benefits to gain from Gaspar AI and Ivanti integration, and unlimited capabilities that you can unlock. If you wish to integrate with Gaspar AI's helpdesk and deliver the future of employee support today, we can schedule a meeting to discuss.