Mar 29, 2023

Gaspar AI's chatbot integrates with Freshservice

Boost your Freshservice platform with Gaspar AI

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Frershservice has enabled you to greatly enhance your IT & HR support, making your company’s employees much happier with the service you offer and your team more productive. It empowers users to quickly find solutions via the self-service portal, your team to automate mundane tasks and collaborate better, and so much more.

But your ticket volume is always increasing, oftentimes employees prefer to email or call your team as they feel they get their issues resolved faster, and you need to upgrade your Freshservice plan to fully enjoy all their features, especially the AI-related ones.

Did you know though that there is a way to unlock the full potential of your Freshservice deployment, enjoy all the AI benefits and get the most out of your investment?

Gaspar AI has built an integration with Freshservice to bring the power of Generative AI to your ITSM platform and enable you to maximize the ROI from your Freshservice deployment, even if you are not on the Enterprise plan. Gaspar AI platform auto-resolves 40% of employee IT & HR issues instantly on Slack or MS Teams without human involvement, and automates repetitive tasks by 90%, resulting to less manual work. You will see a dramatic decline in the number of employee helpdesk tickets you receive, since users will instantly get their issues resolved via our virtual agent, and your team will provide quicker and more efficient support and focus on more strategic projects.

By integrating Freshservice with Gaspar AI, you will also dramatically reduce the helpdesk ticket cost: to give you an idea, the eployee helpdesk cost per ticket is down to $1 when you integrate with Gaspar AI. And you will get 100+ automations that will optimize your internal helpdesk support, no matter which plan you are on!

Auto-resolve employee issues on Slack or MS Teams for all Freshservice plans

If you are not on the Freshservice Enterprise plan, you miss out on all the AI-fun! Or, maybe not: integrate Gaspar AI’s Generative AI chatbot on Slack or Microsoft Teams and automatically resolve employee IT and HR issues instantly, without your helpdesk team’s involvement. Gaspar AI's platform includes integrations with more than 30 software apps that offer more than 100 automations to end-users.

When an employee has an IT or HR issue, be it password problems, time-off requests, access to repositories and others, they can simply ask the AI chatbot and it will immediately solve it or provide a relevant solution article with the answer the user is looking for. This also includes service item requests – it all depends on how many integrations you decide to activate for Gaspar AI. The more you activate, the less manual work you will have to do.

Even if you are on the Enterprise plan, you still have to gain from Gaspar AI’s integration. Our Conversational AI chatbot has been trained on a LLM and uses NLP and has NLU to understand user intent and context, so it can understand 100s of phrases and offer solutions to multiple issues. It resolves issues in seconds, not just fetch solution articles from the knowledge base or guide the users to still do manual work. For example, for a password reset request, it will reset the password instantly, as it automatically verifies the end user’s identity thanks to multiple integrations - rather than send identity verification information to the end user and provide the reset steps to guide the user to manually reset it.

Human-like conversations with ChatGPT integration

When employees ask questions, Gaspar AI will generate answers directly from the company's internal repositories and knowledge base, and will give them exactly what they look for, in natural language, thanks to our ChatGPT integration . Moreover, thanks to dialog management capabilities, they can ask as many clarifying questions as they need until they get the response they are satisfied with. The conversations are so interactive, that it feels like talking to a human agent. No need to read any solution articles!

Automate ticket creation on Freshservice

When an employee asks the chatbot about a request which the bot auto-resolves, a ticket is automatically generated on Freshservice – no need for the helpdesk teams or users to manually create the relevant ticket.

Build and optimize your knowledge base

No matter which Freshservice plan you are on, if your knowledge base is not well managed and its content not good, you won’t be able to offer good employee support. The virtual agent pulls responses from Articles and service items: a mismanaged information engine (Articles & service items) hence impacts response accuracy.

Thanks to the Proactive Insights feature within Gaspar AI’s integration, you get data analytics about the most common employee questions and issues. Your team can thus identify information gaps and start building the relevant articles if they don’t exist, or optimize the existing ones to ensure relevant content gets ranked high. Your team will be happy to know where to focus, and your company’s employees will be satisfied to have these answers.

Moreover, you will get insights on how many employee issues were deflected via the knowledge base, and how many could not be answered. Hence, you can investigate further and understand what changes you could implement in your knowledge base to increase the employee ticket deflection rate through solution articles.

Automate and run workflows on Slack

With Gaspar AI’s integration, you can automate employee onboarding and offboarding workflows on Slack. Build the workflows you need and set them to run whenever an employee joins the company. This decreases your team’s manual work by 80% as you can easily automate repetitive processes.

AI that learns and gets better over time

The more you use Gaspar AI, the more Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot, learns from historical data thanks to Machine Learning. AI has the ability to learn over time by observing feedback from the data, and then it can be retrained to provide a more accurate result. Gaspar gets smarter by leveraging data from the entire ecosystem, including all chat conversations. Consequently, suggested solutions improve the more Gaspar is being used.

Moreover, when a new ticket is opened, Gaspar uses this information to pre-fill in fields such as status, priority, and more.

Integration that works in the cloud or on premises

What’s best is that whether you host Freshservice in the cloud or have it deployed on your infrastructure, Gaspar AI integrates with them anyway.

There are great benefits to gain from Gaspar AI and Freshservice integration, no matter which pricing plan you are on – of course, if you are not on the Enterprise plan you will see an even more increased ROI when you implement Gaspar AI's platform. If you wish to integrate with Gaspar AI and deliver the future of IT support today, we can schedule a meeting to discuss.