Apr 13, 2023

A ticket is created by Gaspar AI chatbot on Slack and then automatically syncs with ServiceNow

Bridging the efficiency gap: augment ServiceNow with Gaspar AI

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ServiceNow is your trusted partner for improved employee and customer experiences. It allows you to centralize your tools onto a unified cloud platform, leveraging collective data and analytics through automated workflows powered by the Now Platform®. Moreover, its virtual agent that uses AI to answer employees’ questions unburdens your IT staff and boosts productivity. It also allows for faster incident resolution thanks to automatic triaging and assignment to the right agents, and better collaboration among them.

The IT operations' challenges are still here

You feel though that there is so much more to your digital transformation and your ServiceNow deployment: since their virtual agent works natively only on the Now platform, you still must separately buy, deploy and customize numerous products to offer a seamless employee experience in multiple channels. What’s more, it doesn’t support many integrations, which leads to a specific set of automated actions - it definitely can’t keep up with employee requests. It also comes with pre-defined topics and pre-built conversations, therefore doesn’t satisfy the employees’ needs. The virtual agent guides them to the right articles or solutions, rather than automatically solving their issue, which still requires time. Let alone the fact that they still have to manually create a ticket via email or the portal.

As a result, your team still gets an increasing number of tickets and ends up working on the same issues over and over again. Talk about getting rid of IT tickets and focusing on strategic issues!

Moreover, employees are somehow reluctant to use the service and prefer to talk with your help desk team, since they feel they are not understood: gone is the efficiency and productivity you thought you would get by deploying ServiceNow!

Supercharge your ServiceNow platform with Gaspar AI

Good news is you can get them back! And even better, you can keep your ServiceNow deployment and just augment its capabilities by integrating with Gaspar AI platform . Now, this is truly maximized ROI! No switching platforms, no customizations, just seamless integration in 30 minutes!

By integrating ServiceNow with Gaspar AI you get AI-powered auto-resolution for routine questions on the channels your employees use: Slack and Microsoft Teams! You will offer them an enhanced experience with our intelligent chatbot capable of automatically understanding and resolving their issue in seconds. Your team will be more productive as they have fewer requests to address. You will also get advanced analytics and insights for data-driven decision making and optimized knowledge management.

Curious to discover all of Gaspar AI and ServiceNow augmented capabilities? Read our solution brief below, and if you want to boost your IT and HR service desk efficiency with AI-driven support let’s discuss !