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GPT-powered chatbot for employee support on Slack

Auto-resolve 40% of employee issues instantly on Slack with Gaspar AI. Our Generative AI chatbot seamlessly integrates with Slack, enabling quick problem-solving through natural language. From password resets to email list subscriptions, our LLM-trained chatbot understands user intent, deflecting tickets and reducing manual work.

Gaspar AI chatbot & integration for Slack key solutions

Let Gaspar resolve your employees' tech support requests in seconds and without your help desk team's involvement.


Most common problems addressed by Gaspar include password resets, account management, channel management, calendar and folder access, license management, and more!
Automated approvals

Automated approvals

Make it easy for everyone to access the channels, email lists, folders, calendars and groups they need but not the ones they don't. The process happens on Slack for both the requester and the approver. All the information is available right within the chat platform such as the requester of the approval and status of the request, and users can track them anytime.
Auto-fulfill workflows

No code workflow automation

Run pre-defined workflows with repetitive IT and HR tasks every time a new hire joins the company or you need to offboard someone, directly from Slack.
Hassle-free ticketing

Hassle-free ticketing

Tickets are created automatically on Slack. In case the problem is not auto-resolved by Gaspar, it creates a relevant ticket which is synced with your company's service management platform.
How to install Gaspar AI bot for Slack
### 1. Start your free trial [here](/free-trial-signup)
### 2. Once we send you the email with your instance you have to login
### 3. You have to login-in with your sso (ex. Google account)
### 4. Then you have to go to the intergrations page and enable your SSO (example Google Workspaces, Office 365, etc)
### 5. At the same page, intergration page you have to enable one of the ticketing systems (example Attlasian) and configure it
### 6. Enable Slack from integrations page
### 7. Once you have enabled Slack from the integrations page, invite the bot on the channel(s) you want it to reply
### 8. Then you have to go back to the integrations page of your instance, configure the Slack by adding which customers channels to watch and then click submit.
### 9. After that you have to decide if you want the bot to respond to any message from the customer channel(s) you have added

AI-powered automations

Password Reset
Account creation, addition, removal & suspension
Time off Request
Calendar access
People addition to or removal from channels 
Folder management 
License management 
Group creation, user addition and removal