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Automate the enterprise help desk with Generative AI

Do you feel like all you do is reset passwords or add people to email lists again and again? Not anymore! Our AI-powered enterprise help desk platform auto-resolves 40% of employee requests instantly on Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira SM support portal, without your involvement, and automates repetitive processes - so you can focus on implementing strategic projects.
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24/7 chatbot support & workflow automation in one AI platform

Generative AI and workflows allow you to automate enterprise IT & HR service delivery like never before. Now employees solve their help desk requests directly on Slack or Microsoft Teams, you speed-up and run repetitive business processes like magic, and optimize enterprise IT projects thanks to key insights. No need to switch applications, just 1 pioneering AI-powered help desk platform!
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The Gaspar AI help desk platform

Integrates seamlessly on top of your existing tools – so you have no switching costs
Is deployed in just 30 minutes - go live and thrive
Is tailored to your needs – just pick and choose the features you want to enable

Main features

Want to learn more about Gaspar AI?

Watch this short video to get a better idea about how Gaspar AI' enterprise help desk platform works and how you can benefit.
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