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Seamless AI integration into your business

Gaspar AI seamlessly integrates with over 30 applications out-of-the-box. Integrations build value directly into your existing investments while creating a more seamless experience for employees. Choose the ones you want and tailor the platform to your needs for better and quicker IT and HR support.
Multiple integrations for automated solutions
Gaspar AI integrates directly with your enterprise software — including ITSM, RPA, and more — to autonomously resolve employee issues and automate repetitive tasks. Click on any app on the left to see which actions can be automated.
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Streamline onboarding and offboarding
Available Automations
Account Management
Create & remove accounts

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Discover the potential of seamless AI integration

Schedule a free, personalized, 30-minute demo to see how you can offer fuss-free employee support. Let us show you how Gaspar AI's advanced capabilities and powerful integrations maximize productivity and boost employee satisfaction, while lowering costs.
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