May 9, 2024

AI IT helpdesk

Why your IT helpdesk team needs Gaspar AI

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IT operations and helpdesk support teams face a constant influx of inquiries and issues, often struggling to keep pace with the volume of requests. It's indicative that ticket volume has increased +35% in the last 2 years. This high workload can lead to delays in response times and challenges in providing timely assistance to employees (resolution time has increased by +57%), impacting overall support efficiency and employee satisfaction. At the same time, continuously answering the same questions and performing repetitive tasks that add zero value prevents IT operations and helpdesk teams from working on high-impact, strategic products that can positively change company processes and boost the bottom line.

With Gaspar AI’s IT helpdesk platform, you can offer automated IT support solutions that improve your IT operations' efficiency, supercharge your teams’ productivity and free them up.

An AI IT helpdesk is a system that uses artificial intelligence technologies to provide support and assistance for IT-related issues and queries. Instead of relying solely on human agents, AI-powered helpdesks are trained with LLMs and leverage natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and other AI techniques to understand and respond to user inquiries automatically. These systems can handle a variety of tasks, including troubleshooting technical problems, providing guidance on software or hardware issues, offering self-service options for common queries, and escalating complex issues to human agents when necessary.

AI IT helpdesks can improve efficiency by providing instant responses and resolving issues without human intervention, reducing the workload on human support staff and offering round-the-clock assistance. They can also analyze data to identify trends, optimize workflows, and improve the overall quality of IT support services.

In this blog post, we will present some of the most common uses of Gaspar AI by IT operations and helpdesk teams.

Smart IT helpdesk automation and workload optimization

Automate repetitive tasks and offer instant, no-humans-involved solutions, while ensuring friendly, human-like interactions that enhance user experience.

  1. Automatically reset passwords: 20% to 50% of all IT helpdesk tickets each year are for password resets according to the Gartner Group, and password tickets consume 31% to 40% of the help desk's time. Thanks to Gaspar AI they can be automated, saving helpdesk teams valuable time as they don’t need to get involved in the process anymore.

  2. Give access to folders and calendars: It often happens that an employee might not have access to some folders or calendars they need. They can ask Gaspar, our AI chatbot, to give them access, and it will forward the request on Slack or MS Teams to the right person. They will approve or reject the request, and the employee will receive an update. No need for IT teams to intervene!

  3. Provision hardware: Ensure all employees get the hardware they need when they need it. Employees easily request it on Slack or MS Teams, and your IT team can then handle it.

  4. Provision software in seconds: Employees change roles, departments, projects – this means that they might need new licenses for apps they did not use before. Your helpdesk team can enable them to access them effortlessly. Again, everything is just a question away, and the whole approval process happens on Slack and MS Teams.

  5. Email list, group and channel management: With our AI-powered IT helpdesk, giving access to groups and email lists or removing users from channels is as easy and quick as sending a message.

  6. Account management: IT helpdesk teams can create new accounts, delete old ones and better manage existing ones in minutes by automating the process.

  7. Offer instant IT info summaries to employees without getting involved: Often, useful IT information is buried deep within files and systems and is hard to access, so employees keep contacting your helpdesk team about it. Gaspar AI empowers your workforce to instantly find it: IT troubleshooting, how-to questions, privacy policy, security FAQs and much more. Everything employees need is right at their fingertips, just a question away from our AI chatbot on Slack or MS Teams!

  8. Know their projects’ deadlines: Keeping up with project deadlines is crucial. With Gaspar AI it’s also super easy. IT operations and helpdesk employees ask our AI chatbot to give them an update and they instantly know what’s urgent and what’s not.

  9. Automate onboarding and offboarding: IT operations and helpdesk teams can use our no-code templates to craft custom workflows that automate these processes. Whenever there is a new hire or an employee leaves the company, they can deploy these custom workflows and make the procedure easier and more secure.

ITSM made easy

With traditional IT support or ITSM systems, users must contact IT operations and helpdesk teams via email or call, or log into the ITSM portal, raise a ticket and accurately describe their issue. Agents must manually review the tickets to prioritize and address incoming requests, ensure additional information is added to the ticket and continuously update its status. With our AI-powered IT helpdesk, your teams can now effortlessly create and manage tickets while information is automatically synced with your ITSM.

  1. Offer quick and easy ticket creation on Slack or MS Teams: For issues that need human attention, employees simply fill in a form on Slack or MS Teams to describe their issue (they can even attach screenshots and images), and a ticket is created on your ticketing platform. Your agents don’t need to go through emails or different systems, or even do any manual work: they automatically have the info they need on their ITSM and on their Slack or MS Teams interface.

  2. Ticket management on Slack or MS Teams: IT agents can see their tickets’ status, any pending approval requests, daily statistics and SLAs on Slack and MS Teams at any time. And while they are working on resolving tickets, their status is updated and notifications are sent automatically to employees on Slack and MS teams.

  3. Intelligent ticket triage: Whenever a ticket is raised, agents must manually categorize, prioritize, and assign the right resources. Gaspar AI’s IT helpdesk helps you promptly manage tickets. With its NLP capabilities, it analyzes the tickets, categorizes them, and assigns them to the right agent (depending on their expertise and availability). Moreover, it asks follow-up questions and interacts with the user to get more information for prompt resolution and accurate categorization.

Enhanced knowledge management

Gaspar AI integrates with your knowledge base and internal repositories to automatically index and ingest information, to then match employees' requests with concise solutions.

  1. Enable easy, no-search knowledge access from multiple sources: Gaspar AI integrates with knowledge bases (such as Confluence, Notion, Coda, Helpjuice and more), internal sources and repositories (e.g. Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Docs) to ingest and index information, and then answer employee questions without human intervention and with no need to look for it.

  2. Identify knowledge gaps: Your helpdesk team gets information on their Admin Hub about the most frequent issues and questions. They can thus identify whether there are gaps in the company’s knowledge base which make it impossible for employees to self-serve their requests and solve their problems.

  3. Knowledge base augmentation: Based on these gaps, IT teams can fast-track the relevant content creation to enrich the company’s knowledge base and offer more opportunities for self-service.

Impactful business insights

With Gaspar AI, your IT helpdesk teams can discover high-impact automation use cases and get clear performance metrics.

  1. Identify priority automation projects: Gaspar AI’s IT helpdesk platform uncovers the most common employee issues, what’s hurting their productivity, which automations or content will unblock them. It uses large language models to break down ticket data and present the areas of service that need the most improvement. Thus, IT support teams can identify which automation opportunities and process improvements will have the biggest business impact and prioritize them.

  2. Track key IT metrics: On Gaspar AI’s Admin Hub, IT helpdesk managers can track their chatbot’s and platform’s performance. They also monitor which features, capabilities, and resources employees find valuable, compare performance over time and take data-driven action.

What are the benefits of Gaspar AI for IT helpdesk teams?

The importance of IT support teams cannot be overstated. They have multiple tasks to perform, ranging from tactical to strategic, all of which play an important role in the continuation of business and employee satisfaction. In the hybrid work world of nowadays, the IT helpdesk’s role is indispensable even in ensuring day-to-day productivity. However, IT support’s importance is often underestimated, and these teams are frequently understaffed. As requests and projects get multiplied by the minute, it is extremely important to find ways to enhance IT support.

Gaspar AI does exactly this: by automating the mundane tasks and offering instant resolution to more than 40% of employee issues, it frees up IT teams’ time and empowers them to be more productive. Gaspar, our AI Virtual Agent, resolves employee issues directly on Slack, MS Teams and JSM support portal, and automates tasks without human intervention. Your busy teams no longer answer the same questions over and over and have fewer tickets to deal with.

This leads to faster and low-cost resolution for all issues: Gaspar solves employee requests instantly and accurately, in natural language, deflecting a high number of tickets. Fewer tickets to be handled means faster resolution time even for requests that need to be addressed by human agents. It also means that IT operations’ costs decrease, as our platform minimizes the resources needed for each issue and the downtime costs. An employee helpdesk ticket costs just $1 when you deploy Gaspar AI, as opposed to $26.51 on average when you don’t.

Finally, with Gaspar AI you can improve the perception of IT company-wide: 1/5 of employees claim tech issues and resolution times are the biggest challenges. With Gaspar AI, you can offer fast and accurate solutions to their most frequent problems, so that IT becomes their best partner. And with our Business Insights and Performance Metrics you can fill in knowledge gaps and prioritize automation opportunities, greatly impacting employee satisfaction with your department’s services.

How do I set up Gaspar AI?

Just start a free 21-day trial by filling in the form here. Then, log in with your SSO- e.g. Google, Microsoft 365. A member of our team will contact you to onboard you. Yes, it’s that simple!

If you are curious to learn more about Gaspar AI, you can schedule a free, personalized demo here. During the meeting, we can discuss your needs and you can see exactly how your helpdesk/IT team and employees can use the platform.