Apr 2, 2024

Using AI for employee support

Why your employees need Gaspar AI

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Employee support is getting tougher: multiple systems that are hard to use, different time zones and locations, unavailability of helpdesk teams when needed, slow responses. What’s the best thing you can do so that your employees get the help they need exactly when they need it? Offer them Gaspar AI, our best-in-class Generative AI helpdesk solution! It automatically solves at least 40% of helpdesk issues, automates repetitive processes, is available 24/7 and offers accurate answers to more than 85% of their questions instantly.

First, what is Gaspar AI?

Gaspar AI is a secure and always available Generative AI helpdesk platform that uses AI for smarter and more efficient employee support. Thanks to advanced language models, it offers dynamic, human-like conversations, seamlessly integrating with various communication channels such as Slack and MS Teams, commonly used apps and IT systems. It empowers employees to act, search, query, and generate content across a multitude of enterprise applications. Fueled by constantly improving generative models, AI-driven analytics for performance evaluation, and developer tools for customizable use cases, it's the future of assistance.

It features a Generative AI Virtual Agent, no-code workflows to automate repetitive processes and an Admin Hub for your IT and helpdesk admins to review everything support-related.

Gaspar, our AI chatbot, is available on Slack, MS Teams and the Jira SM support portal. It makes it smooth and easy for employees to solve their issues in seconds by simply having a conversation. It is trained with best-in-class LLMs and uses Natural Language Processing to understand employee questions' context and intent. Our advanced dialog management capabilities ensure that employees have natural, human-like, interactive conversations. Gaspar can dynamically ask follow-up questions and combine multiple plugins until users get accurate solutions.

Using Gaspar AI for employee support

Gaspar AI seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools to empower your teams with 100+ automations across different departments and systems. Gaspar AI is the simplest way for your employees to get support: one unified, easy-to-use solution, with no need to switch apps, learn coding or use complicated systems. They simply talk to our AI chatbot on Slack or MS Teams and have their issue addressed promptly. Employees can thus perform their tasks better; find information they need faster; and be more productive.

Here are some of the most common uses of Gaspar AI by employees:

1. Instantly unblock access to their account

It happens very often – an employee wants to do their job only to find out they are locked out of some systems. With Gaspar AI it is extremely easy to reset their password without the IT and helpdesk team getting involved. The process is very streamlined: employees ask Gaspar to reset their password for said system or application. Our AI chatbot identifies the user and provides a temporary password which the employee can then replace with their chosen one. Instead of having to stay idle for hours, they get back to work immediately.

2. Find out their PTO balance in a sec

Employees can ask Gaspar a simple question about their remaining paid time off (as simple as “what’s my PTO balance?”) and get an answer instantly. They can then go on and organize their holidays!

3. Easily request time off

Requesting time off with Gaspar AI is as smooth as a summer breeze! Employees send their request to our AI chatbot on Slack or MS Teams e.g. “I want to take time off May 2-7". It then asks their manager to approve or decline it – again on Slack or MS Teams. Once the request is handled, the employee is updated – and in the meantime they can track its status.

4. Access the folders they need effortlessly

It often happens that an employee might not have access to some folders they need. They can ask Gaspar to give them access to the specific folders, and our AI chatbot will forward the request on Slack or MS Teams to the right person. They will again approve or reject the request, and the employee will receive an update.

5. Instantly find information they need to do their work

Often, useful information is buried deep within files and systems and is hard to access - Gaspar AI empowers your workforce to instantly find it: HR policies, how-to questions, relocation policy, travel policies, company holiday schedules, benefits updates, payroll inquiries and much more. Everything employees need is right at their fingertips, just a question away on Slack or MS Teams!

6. Know their projects’ deadlines

Keeping up with project deadlines is crucial. With Gaspar AI it’s also super easy. Employees ask our AI chatbot to give them an update and they instantly know what’s urgent and what’s not.

7. Request a new laptop

When in need to change laptops, employees easily request a new one on Slack or MS Teams, and your IT team can then handle it.

8. Access required software applications in seconds

Employees change roles, departments, projects – this means that they might need new licenses for apps they did not use before. Again, everything is just a question away, and the whole approval process happens on Slack and MS Teams.

9. Open a ticket on Slack or MS Teams with no need to switch apps

It happens - some issues are far too complex to solve without human intervention. But fear not: Gaspar AI facilitates ticket creation and handoff to the right agent. Employees simply fill in a form on Slack or MS Teams to describe their issue (they can even attach screenshots and images), and a ticket is created on your ticketing platform. It is then routed to the right human agent to be taken care of.

10. Send automated reminders and updates

Lots of emails stay unread in our inboxes, so Gaspar AI ensures that the important ones are not. Employees can create announcements about anything they like right on Slack and MS Teams: office lunches, team reviews, reminders about expenses submission, updates about new product launches and campaigns, and so much more.

11. Rate the IT support experience

What’s not measured can’t be improved. Whenever a request is resolved via an agent, a 5-star rating scale pops up on Slack and MS Teams. Just a click, and the employee rates their experience by sharing their satisfaction level. Thus, IT teams know how they perform and can focus on the areas that need improvement.

12. Create groups and email lists

With Gaspar AI, employees easily create a new group or email list by providing information such as name, purpose, members, and any necessary permissions to our chatbot.

13. Manage people in Slack channels

It’s super easy to add or remove people from Slack channels just by talking to our chatbot.

14. Access shared calendars

Employees effortlessly access shared calendars such as vacation calendars in seconds. They just submit their question to our virtual agent who fulfills their request promptly, adhering to existing permissions.

15. Access their sales contracts

Sales reps ask our Generative AI Virtual Agent any contract-related question and it answers with information tailored specifically to them.

What are the benefits of using Gaspar AI for employee support?

Employees are the heart and soul of a company. Outstanding business results happen because of them, so making them happy and keeping them satisfied and loyal is crucial. The first and probably most important benefit of Gaspar AI is the happy employees! With Gaspar AI, employees get instant, user-friendly assistance, which minimizes their frustration and unproductive time, and maximizes their satisfaction and loyalty. By adopting Gaspar AI, employees get immediate answers from our AI Virtual Agent directly on Slack, MS Teams or Jira SM. This streamlined communication leads to perfect employee experiences: it frees their time and makes them more productive, leading to higher satisfaction, retention, and a great workplace culture.

With Gaspar AI, employees also get 100x faster issue resolution. Routine issues are resolved in seconds, allowing employees to return to work and freeing up your helpdesk team to focus on the complex ones and solve them promptly. As a result, employees and your helpdesk team alike enjoy higher productivity.

Gaspar AI is extremely easy-to-use. This means that it can help employees from Day 1: no coding or special skills needed – Gaspar AI works autonomously to address employee support issues across the enterprise instantly. Employees will love using it: finally, they don’t need to know any technical jargon but can speak in their everyday language and get instant support! Gaspar AI has been built on advanced LLMs, and trained with high-quality data sets specific to the employee support sector, ensuring instant understanding of issues and human-like, accurate answers. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology outperforms competition and can be trained within weeks in a new language. Thanks to our dialog management capabilities, our Virtual Agent can ask follow-up questions and clarifications until the employee’s issue is resolved. Gaspar AI will be your employees’ perfect partner!

What’s also great with Gaspar AI is that it’s the only platform with an AI chatbot offering in-app instant support on 3 applications - Slack, MS Teams and JSM support portal. With continuously evolving integrations, Gaspar AI provides a sophisticated chat experience, featuring in-bot form completion when in need to raise a ticket, and precise solutions.

Finally, thanks to Gaspar AI’s Business Insights and Performance Metrics you get actionable recommendations for your support team and business operations. You can easily review your platform’s performance, get guidance about how to further optimize processes, fill in knowledge gaps and prioritize automation opportunities, greatly impacting employee satisfaction with your department’s services.

How do I set up Gaspar AI?

Just start a free 21-day trial by filling in the form here . Then, log in with your SSO- e.g. Google, Microsoft 365. A member of our team will contact you to onboard you. Yes, it’s that simple!

If you are curious to learn more about Gaspar AI, you can schedule a free, personalized demo here . During the meeting, we can discuss your needs and you can see exactly how your helpdesk/IT team and employees can use the platform.