May 16, 2024

AI helpdesk benefits for CIOs and CEOs

Why CEOs and CIOs can't afford to ignore Gaspar AI

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CEOs and CIOs in the modern enterprise face multiple challenges as they navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, business, and global markets. In 2024, they need to deploy results-oriented innovation while optimizing tech investment amid budget tightening, and grapple with perennial issues such as managing data, dealing with IT staffing and bolstering cybersecurity. They also need to chart a course for Generative AI by expanding exploratory pilots into enterprise initiatives that boost efficiency and offer competitive advantage. At the same time, internal pressures are mounting, pushing for increased efficiency, more optimized resource allocation, and data-driven decision-making.

The strategic use of technology can help CEOs and CIOs navigate and address these challenges. It doesn’t mean they should adopt current trends no matter what - AI solutions are not a fix-all, but they can help C-suite leaders better manage complexities, drive efficiency and be ahead of competition.

Gaspar AI's Generative AI helpdesk platform provides a solution for companies to effectively manage internal (employee-focused) aspects of their operations, so that they can then better deal with external (customer-focused) issues as well. This will drive cost efficiencies and increase the company's profitability. And that’s why CEOs and CIOs should consider deploying our AI platform.

In this blog post, we describe the main challenges C-suite leaders face today, and how Gaspar AI helps overcome them.

CEO and CIO challenges in today's enterprise

Before delving into Gaspar AI’s solutions, let's first recognize the challenges CEOs and CIOs face today.

  • Scaling AI in the enterprise: CIOs in 2024 will take on the challenge of expanding AI beyond initial pilots and proofs of concept. One significant hurdle lies in ensuring that AI solutions are seamlessly integrated with existing systems and workflows, avoiding disruption while maximizing efficiency gains. Beyond technological barriers, AI adoption by employees poses further challenges: education, training and upskilling employees are much needed to leverage AI effectively.

  • Improving automation through generative AI: Businesses have spent years attempting to automate more processes. Generative AI now enables them to take on processes subject to considerable variation or unpredictability. AI-based automation also plays well with CEOs’ and CIOs' current focus on cost management and tangible results. And that’s why you will see Generative AI automation on every CIO’s agenda. The good thing about automation is that you can measure the before and after: CIOs can drive a clear impact and measure it as well, making AI automation a low-hanging fruit.

  • Focus on good data housekeeping: Enterprise adoption of generative AI will encourage organizations to redouble their data efforts. AI is highly dependent on data, so if they’re no good, the results of any GenAI program won’t be either. To harness the power of AI, big data and analytics, CIOs will grapple with the complexities of data management, privacy and security concerns, as well as address data quality and availability. Data increasingly is seen as a corporate asset that can be used to make better-informed business decisions, optimize business operations and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits. But a lack of proper data management can saddle organizations with incompatible data silos, inconsistent and low-quality data sets and formats, that limit their ability to run business intelligence applications - or, worse, lead to faulty findings and flawed decisions.

  • Battling IT staffing shortages: Faced with the technology skills gap and the erosion of traditional career paths, CIOs are challenged with building and retaining a skilled workforce. Deloitte TMT Center’s survey of technology industry leaders revealed that almost 90% of respondents considered recruiting and retaining talent either a moderate or major challenge.

  • Bolstering cybersecurity in light of AI: Insider threats are thought to be the underlying reason for almost 60% of data breaches, according to Imperva. A joint study by Stanford and Tessian reported that employee mistakes cause 88% of data breach incidents. And social engineering and phishing are involved in 70% to 90% of all successful cybersecurity attacks. With the increasing AI adoption by employees, who oftentimes use unsanctioned or ad-hoc generative AI that's outside IT governance to solve their issues (Shadow AI), the AI-caused cybersecurity risks increase, leading to evolving, more sophisticated threats. CIOs will need to mitigate these risks.

  • Hybrid workplaces: Numerous employers still struggle to meet the technological needs of their hybrid workforce. According to Unisys' study "From Surviving to Thriving in Hybrid Work," nearly half of employees (49%) report dedicating one to five hours per week to resolving IT issues, significantly hampering their productivity. Furthermore, hybrid workers frequently have inconsistent access to company data and systems, communication barriers, and challenges in collaboration. Simultaneously, accommodating employees across varied work environments poses a significant challenge for CIOs as they need to ensure easy access to company resources while safeguarding them from malicious threats.

  • Productivity and efficiency: You know it’s true – the demand for ever-increasing productivity and efficiency is putting pressure on companies of all sizes, and that pressure is usually passed from the CEO straight into the hands of the CIO. It’s a given that you must ensure that your network and infrastructure keep pace with business demands – but these days speed and efficiency gains are expected to come from IT, reasonably or not, irrespective of the pace maintained by other departments.

  • Cost containment/reduction: Technology is expensive. So are the people you need to hire to manage and maintain it. Beefing up security, increasing productivity, getting the latest tech into the eager hands of employees, and driving efficiency improvements all cost money. At the same time, employee support costs have soared to record highs: the average helpdesk ticket cost is $26.51, a 30% increase vs two years ago, leading to greatly increased operational costs. That’s why companies are now turning to Generative AI: AI-powered solutions offer instant employee support and enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the employee experience.

  • Keeping a sharp focus on innovation investment: Optimizing resource allocation and investments decisions is a persistent challenge for CIOs and CEOs. They must find a balance between maintaining existing systems and investing funds for innovations, as well as between short-term priorities with long-term strategic objectives to deliver sustainable growth. The question becomes which issues to prioritize, where to allocate resources, and what new technologies to consider. Managers will carefully assess technology investment candidates, focusing on the projects most likely to yield quick and tangible results, and selecting the priority use cases.

Introducing Gaspar AI: a powerful AI helpdesk to transform business operations

Gaspar AI is a cutting-edge AI platform that empowers businesses to overcome the abovementioned challenges. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and unlock hidden insights from your data, enabling leaders to enhance efficiency and save money.

Its main functionalities are:

  • Task automation: The platform enables employees to automate tasks across any system — from updating email groups to booking PTO.

  • Workflow automation: Our AI helpdesk simplifies and accelerates repetitive processes and approval requests by automating them.

  • Self-service support: With Gaspar AI employees can self-serve their most frequent requests and questions without needing human support.

  • Enterprise search: Gaspar AI enables your team to effortlessly access knowledge, files, and data from all your business applications.

  • AI knowledge management: Gaspar AI integrates with your internal resources, repositories and knowledge bases to generate accurate, human-like answers to employee questions, and identify knowledge gaps.

  • ITSM automation: Our AI helpdesk integrates with ITSM systems to speed-up the process with smart ticket creation, triage, routing and automated updates.

  • Business insights and analytics: With Gaspar AI you can identify which automations and process improvements will have the biggest business impact and prioritize them.

Key benefits of Gaspar AI for CIOs and CEOs

Now that you have a clearer idea about Gaspar AI’s capabilities, let’s look at how our platform benefits CEOs and CIOs and helps them address their challenges.

A no-fuss AI solution: easy to set up and scale

Gaspar AI’s generative AI helpdesk offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and fluctuating support demands. We've prioritized making the entire journey, from setup to everyday use to scaling up, as effortless as possible. Unlike traditional software solutions that demand meticulous manual setup and configuration, Gaspar AI is ready to use and comes with multiple integrations with your most used applications: its plugins are easy to enable with just one click. They require no implementation specialists or additional setup expenses.

With Gaspar AI you can automate countless tasks from day one with no special training or coding work. It works on Slack and Microsoft Teams that your employees already use and offers a simple, unified solution – so no need to switch apps. And since everything happens in natural language, it is much easier for employees to use it and achieve enterprise-wide adoption.

Our AI helpdesk platform also offers deployment flexibility, allowing you to choose between on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment options based on your specific requirements.

AI automation that reduces manual work by 80%

With Gaspar AI's workflows you can easily build and automate complex processes, and auto-fulfill repetitive tasks such as employee onboarding without needing to code. Leveraging our easy-to-use workflow templates, your teams can create customized flows for business processes and watch as Gaspar AI implements them automatically.

Moreover, Gaspar AI automates more than 40% of common issues, including some very time-consuming and costly ones, such as password resets . Password reset tickets consume 31% to 40% of the helpdesk's time, and each one can cost $70 according to Forrester Research. Thus, for a 1,000-employee company, this leads to a $70,000 yearly cost, assuming every employee needs at least one password reset. So, this gives you an initial idea of how much Gaspar AI can improve your operational efficiency and profitability through AI automation.

Optimized data management for better decisions

With Gaspar AI you can rest assured that all your decisions are based on solid and accurate data. We use large language models to break down ticket data and present operational bottlenecks and the areas of service that need the most improvement. Thus, you can identify which automation opportunities, process improvements and knowledge content will have the biggest business impact. Gaspar AI helps companies uncover data gaps so they can better organize their knowledge, update outdated content, and create much-needed new one.

A complement to your IT team with no additional hiring

Our AI helpdesk automates tasks and resolves issues without human intervention, deflecting a high number of tickets. It also provides a smarter ITSM via automated ticketing and triage, and smart routing. Your busy IT teams no longer answer the same questions over and over, don’t spend time creating and understanding tickets, and have fewer tickets to deal with. They are thus free to focus on strategic, high-impact projects or on complex issues, being able to better manage their time and IT priorities. Our AI helpdesk thus becomes a non-human partner to your existing team, with no need to hire new talent.

A strong ally to your cybersecurity efforts

With Gaspar AI you can offer 24/7, easy and instant support to end users minimizing their eagerness to seek solutions in unsafe places such as online chatbots and unsanctioned AI platforms, and share private information. This helps CIOs address the security risks stemming from employee mistakes. Moreover, all our AI-generated answers and solutions adhere to existing permissions and access rights. Employees won’t be able to view or access information they are not supposed to, further minimizing security risks.

Help that employees can access anywhere, anytime

With hybrid workplaces and employees scattered around the world, you need to reconsider your approach to employee support. When it comes to getting support, there shouldn’t be a difference between being in the office and not: tech issues can happen anywhere, anytime. With Gaspar AI employees can access all your content, data and files seamlessly on Slack and MS Teams through natural language, while adhering to permissions and access privileges. The easy handoff to human agents also enhances communication between the helpdesk team and employees. Whether they're in the office or on the go, employees can access forms, receive answers, and submit requests with ease using Slack and MS Teams.

Moreover, Gaspar AI offers round-the-clock assistance accommodating different time-zones, unlike traditional support limited to standard working hours. With our AI chatbot offering in-app instant support, users can access help and guidance at any time.

A productivity booster shot

The lack of employee productivity often stems from difficulties in accessing timely support or inefficient communication channels, and greatly hinders business operations. With Gaspar AI, employees benefit from instant, high-quality and precise generative AI responses. Our Virtual Agent is powered by fine-tuned LLMs optimized to work with enterprise data, and has advanced NLP and NLU capabilities to identify intent and ensure context-aware dialogues. By empowering employees with timely and accurate support, Gaspar AI minimizes downtime and allows employees to focus on their core tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

At the same time, our AI helpdesk improves the IT team’s efficiency. Support teams face a constant influx of inquiries and issues, often struggling to keep pace with the volume of requests. It's indicative that ticket volume has increased +35% in the last 2 years. This high workload can lead to delays in response times and challenges in providing timely assistance to employees, impacting overall support efficiency. Gaspar AI alleviates this burden by eliminating L1 support tickets through autonomous resolution and freeing support teams from massive ticket queues to focus on what matters.

Dramatic cost reduction and $1 tickets

By automating routine tasks, offering 24/7 instant support and empowering employees with self-service solutions, our generative AI helpdesk platform leads to significant savings in labor costs, while minimizing downtime and opportunity costs. And that’s why an employee helpdesk ticket costs just $1 when you deploy Gaspar AI, as opposed to $26.51 on average when you don’t.

Moreover, Gaspar AI maximizes ROI on existing investments through various out-the-box plugins: by leveraging existing investments in ITSM, Identity and Access Management systems, and knowledge bases through seamless integrations, Gaspar AI offers tailored solutions to employees and ensures that every support dollar yields tangible returns.

ROI maximization

Gaspar AI accelerates value realization with its rapid deployment process that takes no more than 1 hour and its seamless integrations. By offering over 30 out-the-box integrations and quick knowledge ingestion from various platforms, such as Sharepoint, Google Docs, Coda, Confluence, and more, Gaspar AI ensures companies can swiftly leverage its capabilities, resulting in accelerated value realization and faster return on investment.

Moreover, as mentioned above, Gaspar AI maximizes ROI on existing investments through these integrations. It also offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and fluctuating support demands with no additional spending. With robust ML operations and high customization capabilities, it is easy to build new use cases and extend to new languages while preserving critical business logic.

Finally, with Gaspar AI, CIOs can take command of software spending and better manage existing systems by accelerating the process of provisioning licenses and helping reclaim unused ones. The inefficiencies surrounding software licenses can lead to significant financial waste for large companies, so this approach greatly reduces costs.

Gaspar AI: Transforming the future of your business

By overcoming challenges and providing advanced GenAI-powered capabilities, Gaspar AI can be a driving force for business transformation. Here are some specific examples of how our platform can empower businesses to achieve significant results.

For the CEO:

  • Enhance the employee experience and satisfaction: Boring tasks’ automation along with quick and efficient resolution of problems lead to a better employee experience, contributing to higher morale and retention rates.

  • Mitigate risks and enhance decision-making: Use AI-driven insights to pinpoint potential risks and opportunities ahead of time, enabling the implementation of proactive risk mitigation strategies and facilitating informed decision-making throughout the organization.

  • Promote innovation and ongoing enhancement: Cultivate a culture that leverages data to continuously refine processes and services. Gaspar AI helps teams recognize bottlenecks and improvement areas, and experiment with data-informed optimization strategies.

For the CIO:

  • Guiding data-driven decisions: Our AI helpdesk collects and analyzes data on support interactions, providing CIOs with actionable insights. This data can inform decisions on technology investments, process improvements, and strategic IT initiatives.

  • Optimizing resource allocation: By analyzing the types and frequency of support requests, Gaspar AI can provide CIOs with insights into resource allocation, helping to identify areas that require more support or additional training.

  • Supporting IT compliance: Our AI platform can help enforce compliance with IT policies and regulations by providing employees with guidance on compliance-related queries and ensuring adherence to internal protocols.

Gaspar AI offers an exceptional platform for CIOs and CEOs to fully harness the power of generative AI along with their existing systems and data in order to address their challenges. By choosing to invest in Gaspar AI, you are committing to a future where your business thrives on data-driven insights, AI-powered efficiency and continuous innovation.

Are you ready to unleash the transformative potential of AI for your organization? Reach out to Gaspar AI today to arrange a consultation and discover how our platform can help you achieve your objectives.