May 4, 2023

Gaspar AI logo

A new era begins: we are rebranding!

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You probably already noticed the missing “desk” from our name, some fresh colors, small letters and new curves on our logo. Today we’re launching our brand refresh! The name, logo, typeface and more have all been given a style evolution, and we’re giving you a peek behind the scenes to understand what this means for our customers and us.

Why are we rebranding?

Well, a lot has changed in the last few months in the software industry thanks to the amazing AI advancements. We have been working with AI since the very first start of our company – in fact, AI has been the heart of what we do, what inspired us to found our company and build our product, way before AI prevailed. We feel it is time we let the world know and rebrand, to better reflect our core business, our advanced AI power and the work we do. Leaving our legal entity the same, we will now be known under the name Gaspar AI.

This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our capabilities and our vision, and to help us create a strong presence as an #AI powered service desk platform globally.

Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot, is our core product. We prioritize dedicating our time, energy and resources to ensure the success of our customers' AI initiatives and we adapt swiftly to the changing demands of this emerging field. We thus wanted our name and logo to highlight our product, dedication and focus.

Why Gaspar AI?

At Gaspar AI, we augment IT teams’ capabilities and empower them to perform better and more efficiently by removing the boring, repetitive help desk tasks and enabling them to focus on strategic projects thanks to our AI-powered platform. By removing the “desk” from our name and replacing it with .ai, we wanted to express exactly this: how we eliminate routine help desk tasks thanks to our advanced AI capabilities. And we also wanted to give a more prominent place to our favorite chatbot, Gaspar, thanks to whom all this is possible.

However, we also wanted our logo to emphasize our human touch – IT teams are indispensable for a company’s smooth operation and success, and the importance of their role cannot be overstated. We are here to supplement IT teams’ operations by providing them with the necessary advanced AI tools that transform their everyday routine and make them ultimately love their job. Hence, we made the g in gaspar a little more human, friendly and smiley to express our support to real people who solve real problems every day.

Thanks to Gaspar AI, IT teams are able to offer quick and effortless IT support to end users, get rid of more than 40% of tickets, decrease their manual work by 80%, and make better decisions thanks to AI-based insights. This results in higher job satisfaction, increased employee and IT teams’ productivity and happiness within the company, and improved profitability.

What's in Gaspar's name?

By now you might also be wondering where Gaspar’s name comes from. Gaspar is a name of Persian descend meaning “the person guarding the treasure”. Gaspar was also one of the three wise men or Magi along with Balthasar and Melchior mentioned in the Bible. Nowadays Gaspar is your wise virtual agent who works like magic to make employee service desk tickets disappear, while guarding the precious IT team’s productivity and job satisfaction. It helps companies and IT departments minimize employee IT issues and outages that cost them tons of money. This help will be done in a "magical" way, which essentially means using Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

From strict to sleek

To move forward into this new era, we deconstructed the old logo and created a customized wordmark. The key element in the new design is the circle: a shape with absolute geometry, often referring to balance, integration and human existence, key values of Gaspar AI. We use concentric circles to highlight our always human-centric AI use: each day IT teams interact with Gaspar AI, so the human being is the circle at the center of the bigger circle.

To reflect Gaspar AI’s values and inspired by the circle we created a new font. The more rounded typeface conveys positivity, user friendliness and completion – just as Gaspar AI positively completes the IT team’s work while being extremely easy to use by employees.

As our vision is to offer positive and effortless service desk experiences thanks to our cutting-edge AI, we wanted the logo to also look effortless, simple and professional. We switched from loud capital letters to small letters to evoke this sense of positivity and effortlessness.

Color plays a significant role in audience recognition and has a psychological impact on people’s moods. Therefore, we chose to use blue and light green on top of white. Blue is associated with balance, calm and strength, while light green represents speed and the feeling that everything is right. This relates to the core of our product and our company vision: to make every service desk experience a positive, quick and effortless one.

What does this mean for our existing clients?

It's business as usual with more AI capabilities offered to you! We are committed to our customers’ service and satisfaction, we have developed the capabilities to deliver more value to them and we will continue to improve our product.

We want to give a big thank you to our investors and customers who have stood by our side from day one and continue this journey with us to bring the world more positive and effortless service desk experiences.

Thank you for reading and keep watching this space as we build out our new visual story! If you want to learn more about Gaspar AI, please contact us !