May 30, 2024

Gaspar AI Spring 2024 product updates

Gaspar AI Spring 2024 product updates

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At Gaspar AI, we’re constantly upgrading our platform to enable you to offer the best-in-class support to your workforce. So, let’s do a new feature roundup and look at all the important features we built in the last few months.

New AI-powered automations for increased productivity

Empowering your teams to be more productive is at the core of Gaspar AI and one of our main goals. But this can only happen when employees are not burdened by tedious tasks or stuck looking for information endlessly within your systems. The same goes for your IT and helpdesk teams: how can they be productive when they keep on receiving tickets?

That’s why we worked to build new automations that will take the friction out of your workforce’s day-to-day activities, and reduce your ticket volume:

  • Lots of updates on Okta: now users can reset passwords and MFA settings effortlessly without human intervention, suspend accounts and manage groups.

  • Automated group management on JumpCloud: easily create groups, add to and remove people from groups, find all the groups a user belongs to.

  • Provision hardware – laptops, tablets, phones, etc. – to employees via Slack or MS Teams: No need for employees to log in to portals or send emails. They simply fill in a form on Slack or MS Teams and accelerate the approval process.

Power-up internal communications

Finally, you can ensure that internal communications are... communicated! How many times have you been asked about procedures, reminders, notifications, for which you have sent clear, explanatory emails and announcements?

If you are fed up with sending important email updates that nobody reads, then you’ll love this new feature. Reach and engage employees by sending tailored messages directly through chat — motivating them to act. You can create announcements about anything you like right on Slack and MS Teams: software migrations, planned maintenance, office lunches, team reviews, changes in HR time-off policy, and so much more. Send reminders about expenses submission, or updates about new product launches and campaigns.

Everything is just a click away, and you can rest assured that your updates won’t stay unread anymore! Since everything happens on Slack and MS Teams where your employees are, everyone will be in the know.

More efficient ticket submission

One of the things employees hate when submitting tickets is writing down everything about the issue they face. And yet, for their issue to be resolved faster, it’s important that agents have as much info as possible.

Make life easier for both end users and agents by attaching visual elements on Freshservice! When employees submit a ticket, they can attach an image or screenshot depicting their issue. When the helpdesk agent steps in to handle the request, they use the visual clues to better understand the problem.

No more lengthy explanations needed – just snap, attach, and let Gaspar AI work its magic!

Targeted feedback for maximum impact

What’s not measured can’t be improved. The quickest and most efficient way to know how your helpdesk team performs is by hearing directly from end users.

Get direct feedback on Slack and MS Teams by setting-up up 1 to 5-star scale surveys. Whenever a request is resolved via an agent, a 5-star rating scale pops up. Just a click, and the employee rates their experience by sharing their satisfaction level.

Further optimize knowledge sharing with our SharePoint integration

Now, you can offer AI-generated answer summaries from your SharePoint sites, on top of other knowledge sources such as Coda, Google docs, Notion, Confluence, Helpjuice, Dropbox.

Gaspar AI indexes SharePoint sites, ingests knowledge and generates accurate, human-like answers. No need for employees to dig into tons of content and search for hours. Everything is delivered on Slack and MS Teams.

These updates take us closer to offering a safe, fair and helpful generative AI platform that enables employees and support teams to work more efficiently and intelligently.

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