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ServiceNow virtual agent and Gaspar AI: key features to consider

Wed Mar 08 2023

8 mins read

ServiceNow and Gaspar AI ebook
Today, only 13% of employees are happy to work exclusively in the office: the remainder prefers to work partly or fully remotely. While this flexibility has a great impact on morale and productivity, it also presents major technical and operational challenges, especially when it comes to the employee support experience. Your IT and help desk team now has to support multiple timezones and more problems to solve - and it is impossible to provide 24/7 support. In the last 2 years, the number of employee IT tickets has exploded (+35%) and their cost has increased to $26.51 (+30%). A simple ITSM platform for ticketing is not enough anymore. \ \ In your effort to address this, you might be considering adding ServiceNow’s virtual agent to automate part of your IT tasks. And you might be wondering what are the differences between different virtual agents, and why you would choose Gaspar AI’s virtual agent over ServiceNow’s, when you already have installed their platform. \ \ Well, if you are indeed wondering, we prepared an ebook with all things you need to consider when evaluating which one of the two to choose. On top of this, you will understand how Gaspar AI is different from an IT Service Management platform that also has a chatbot – in fact, we [integrate with ServiceNow]( to augment their operations and benefits, so that you are more productive and efficient. \ \ We hope you will find this ebook useful in your consideration process! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to [contact us](! ### [Gaspar AI and ServiceNow ebook - key features to consider.pdf](