Mar 8, 2023

ServiceNow and Gaspar AI ebook

ServiceNow virtual agent and Gaspar AI: key features to consider

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ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that automates and improves work across the enterprise. It offers a wide array of features, including knowledge management, incident management, change management, virtual agents, employee centers, workforce optimization, and more. It aims to be an all-in-one solution but often falls short due to unavoidable glitches, especially when more competitive approaches and modern technologies like generative AI are needed.

ServiceNow offers good expandability and scalability but has a relatively high upfront cost and no on-premises option. It's a rather complex platform to navigate, and also to choose plug-ins and solutions. They offer a Virtual Agent as an end-to-end, intelligent conversational experience that enables instant resolution to common requests. With guided setup and pre-built components, Virtual Agent makes it easier for everyone to resolve routine IT, HR and customer service requests. It’s also natively available on your Service Portal and in your ServiceNow mobile apps, but not on chat platforms. And let's not forget that it's only available to Enteprise and Premium customers.

For effective AI-powered employee support, a tool should be user-friendly, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and provide effortless support where employees are, with no need to use many apps. While ServiceNow offers many capabilities, it often misses the mark in these areas. Their virtual agent needs a lot of manual work in order to be set-up properly, and comes with few integrations and automations.

In light of these challenges, exploring ServiceNow virtual agent alternatives might provide a more efficient and modern solution for managing your employee support services. Gaspar AI can be one such solution: it is a generative AI helpdesk platform with an advanced LLM-trained chatbot that automates work, offers automated instant solutions and self-service on Slack, MS Teams and the ITSM portal, and provides business and employee insights to improve productivity and efficiency across the enterprise.

So, we prepared an with all the things you need to consider when evaluating whether to choose the ServiceNow virtual agent. On top of this, you will understand how Gaspar AI is different from an IT Service Management platform that also offers a chatbot – in fact, we integrate with ServiceNow to augment their operations and benefits, so that you are more productive and efficient.

We hope you will find this useful in your consideration process! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us !