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Reduce employee IT ticket volume with Gaspar AI and Atlassian integration

Thu Feb 09 2023

3 mins read

Gaspar AI's platform automatically resolves or syncs IT requests on Jira Service Management portal
To further reduce IT teams’ manual work and increase their productivity, Gaspar AI has built an integration with [Atlassian]( products. Gaspar AI’s platform auto-resolves 40% of employee IT issues instantly, without human involvement, and auto-fulfills repetitive IT tasks by 90%. It augments companies’ service desk operations for quicker and more efficient IT support. When you integrate Gaspar AI with Atlassian, employees get a magical, seamless experience on the platform they already use ([Slack](, [MS Teams]( or [Jira Service Desk](, and your IT team deflects service tickets, resulting in an improved ROI from your Atlassian products. You will experience a much lower ticket volume, which leads to better response times and an IT helpdesk cost per ticket at $1. ### Key integration capabilities 1. Auto-resolve employee IT issues on Jira Service Desk thanks to our Conversational AI chatbot 2. Automate ticket creation on Jira Service Management or Jira Software – no more manual work! 3. Customize Jira Service Management fields so you can better match and track tasks and projects 4. Improve security by integrating with Atlassian Access: automate any identity-related tasks and requests 5. Build, optimize or continue using Confluence knowledge base 6. AI that learns and gets better over time, the more you use our chatbot 7. Integration that works in the cloud or on premises To learn more about how you can enhance your IT support and get the most out of your Atlassian products, you can read about our Atlassian integration capabilities in our solution brief below. Your team will be excited to get to work and employees delighted by the magical IT support experience. ## [Gaspar AI & Atlassian integration capabilities.pdf](