Mar 5, 2024

Gaspar AI and Office 365 integration for better employee helpdesk support

Boost the employee helpdesk with Gaspar AI and Office 365

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The integration of Gaspar AI with Office 365 enriches your favorite tools with AI capabilities, empowering your employee helpdesk teams and end users to be more productive. By leveraging our AI helpdesk to automate tasks and offer instant support, your employee support team has more time to focus on creating impact through strategic projects. At the same time, employees don’t lose time by being idle and waiting for their problems to be solved. Our Generative AI helpdesk platform resolves more than just L1 requests within seconds.

Let’s explore the different features you can enjoy by connecting Gaspar AI and Office 365.

Automate tasks and reduce manual work by 80%

Automatically solve 40% of routine issues and automate repetitive tasks without human intervention. Employees simply talk to our Generative AI Virtual Agent on Microsoft Teams in natural language and get solutions promptly. These are the key employee helpdesk automations supported by our Office 365 integration:

  • Software Provisioning: Gaspar AI simplifies software provisioning by automating the process of adding and removing licenses. This not only ensures compliance but also optimizes resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenditure. Gaspar AI honors any permissions set up in your products. This means that users will not be able to get a license if they are not entitled to it based on their role.
  • Password Management: Gaspar AI identifies the user and automatically resets their password rather than just guiding them through the process. It thus reduces downtime and enables users to get back to work immediately.
  • MFA Management: Enhancing security measures, Gaspar AI automates the removal of MFA from accounts as necessary. This ensures that security protocols remain robust while minimizing administrative burden.
  • Group creation: It’s never been easier or quicker to create a group! Just ask Gaspar to create your desired group – the requester will become the group owner.

Automate and streamline approvals

Make it easy for everyone to access the groups, folders, and calendars they need but not the ones they don't. The process happens on Microsoft Teams, and both the requester and the approver get status updates and notifications.

  • Group Management: Managing user groups becomes a breeze with Gaspar AI. By automating the addition and removal of users from various groups, our AI-powered platform ensures that access rights are always up to date.
  • Calendar Management: By automating calendar access approvals, the system ensures that the right individuals have the necessary permissions, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Offer instant answers based on your SharePoint (or other) knowledge

Gaspar AI integrates with SharePoint to access your internal information and generate accurate, human-like answers, empowering users with timely and accurate responses to queries such as IT troubleshooting, how-to questions, HR policies, and more. The generated answers come with comprehensive source citations, ensuring the content’s reliability. It also integrates with other knowledge bases and internal repositories and therefore enhances operational efficiency by ensuring that relevant information is readily available.

Create and enrich your company’s knowledge

Gaspar AI identifies article gaps based on real employee demand and suggests relevant article creation. It also helps you understand whether your internal information needs improvement or enrichment so that you can make the necessary changes. This ensures that organizational knowledge remains comprehensive and up-to-date, fostering continuous improvement.

Automate processes by 90%

Gaspar AI’s Workflow Automation helps your team minimize repetitive tasks by creating automated workflows. It facilitates the management of user accounts within Office 365, simplifies onboarding and reduces offboarding time.

  • Account Management: Gaspar AI empowers administrators to effortlessly add and remove accounts as per organizational needs, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board.
  • Account suspension: Our Workflow Automation enables swift and efficient account suspension and re-enabling functionalities, allowing IT Admins to swiftly respond to security threats or operational requirements without unnecessary delays or manual intervention.
  • Organizational Unit Management: With Gaspar AI you can automate user moves within the company. This ensures that changes in the organizational structure are accurately depicted in your systems at every point.
  • Single Sign-On: Gaspar AI simplifies user creation by enabling single sign-on functionalities.

Make data-driven decisions based on our Business Insights

With Gaspar AI’s Business Insights feature you can uncover the most common employee issues , what’s hurting their productivity, which automations or content will unblock them. We use large language models to break down ticket data and present the areas of service that need the most improvement. Thus, you can identify which automation opportunities, process improvements and knowledge content will have the biggest business impact.

Measure your investment’s impact with Performance Metrics

Monitor which features, capabilities, and resources employees find valuable, and the performance of key KPIs. Compare performance over time, make grounded decisions and take data-driven action.

Gaspar AI and Office 365 collaboration redefines employee helpdesk support

By integrating Gaspar AI with Office 365 you elevate your employee support operations with Generative AI and maximize your existing applications’ capabilities. In just a few clicks you get more than 100 automations, along with business insights and better knowledge management, ensuring a very high return on your Office 365 and Gaspar AI investments.

If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a free, personalized demo and discuss your specific needs.