Feb 20, 2024

jira software ai helpdesk integration

Jira Software helpdesk automation with Gaspar AI

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Are you an Atlassian customer? Do you use Jira Software for employee helpdesk issue tracking? Are you looking for an AI-powered solution, but you are not an Atlassian Premium or Enterprise customer? Don’t worry, Gaspar AI has you covered! We created the only AI helpdesk platform that integrates with Jira software and has a Virtual Agent that you can leverage no matter your pricing plan and infrastructure.

Transform your IT support operations and offer magical employee experiences with our Generative AI platform that automates processes and brings smart ITSM solutions that maximize your Jira Software investment.

Deliver instant answers with our AI chatbot – Jira integration

We know that searching through Confluence to find the information you are looking for can be a nightmare. With Gaspar AI, when employees have questions, they simply ask our Generative AI chatbot on Slack and MS Teams and get instant answers to how-to questions, IT troubleshooting, HR policies, and more. Advanced LLM training and dialog management capabilities enable our Virtual Agent to understand human language, intent and context, and engage in natural, interactive conversations. No more complicated searches! All information is sourced from your internal repositories and knowledge base and delivered straight to end users on their favorite chat platform.

Automatically support your employees and speed up approvals

Our Generative AI chatbot automatically resolves 40% of employee issues instantly, without human involvement, on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Requests include password resets, group management, email lists, HR requests such as PTO, folder and calendar access approvals, license provisioning, etc. This dramatically reduces your helpdesk ticket cost and volume and allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives. At the same time, employees can get back to work immediately and be more productive.

Streamline ticket management workflows

Gaspar AI’s platform resolves tickets or routes them to exactly the right person on your helpdesk, intelligently and automatically. Whenever a request is automatically resolved, an issue-ticket is generated on Jira Software to help you keep track – no need to manually create it. For complex requests, our platform facilitates hand-off to the best suited helpdesk agent with notes that are automatically added. Creating the issue ticket is super simple: the employee fills in a form on Slack or MS Teams. Tickets are tracked on Slack, MS Teams and Jira software.

Enhance your knowledge base

You need to know where your knowledge gaps are in order to prioritize what articles to write next. Thanks to our Business Insights, you can uncover the most common employee issues, what’s hurting their productivity, and which content will unblock them. We use large language models to break down ticket data and present which knowledge content is most needed. Thus, you can prioritize creating the relevant articles.

Bring the power of AI on Cloud and Data Center across all pricing plans

With Gaspar AI, it doesn’t matter where you host your Atlassian products: it works on both Cloud and Data Center. What’s best is that it is available for standard, premium and enterprise plans with unlimited usage.

Gaspar AI handles your data responsibly

Gaspar AI is designed to ensure everything confidential is inaccessible when searching, and that all existing permissions are respected. IT Admins have full control over which automations to enable and for which teams. The data you submit is used only to serve your experience. They are not used to train models or shared between customers.

Get the most out of your Jira Software

Ready to bring all our AI benefits to your Jira Software platform without needing a team of machine learning experts? If you wish to streamline your IT support operations and dramatically reduce your employee ticket volume, we can schedule a meeting or you can directly get the app on the Atlassian marketplace .