Jul 5, 2023

Knowledge base insights for most common employee queries on Gaspar AI admin portal

How to optimize your IT helpdesk knowledge base with Gaspar AI

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A well-structured and comprehensive knowledge base is the backbone of an efficient IT helpdesk. It serves as a repository of information, providing self-service options and empowering your company’s users to find solutions independently. However, creating a knowledge base might seem like a daunting task. And even if you already have one, keeping it up to date can also require too much of an effort!

Thankfully, Gaspar AI can help you build and optimize your knowledge base effortlessly to ensure it becomes a valuable resource for both your support team and end-users.

Let’s explore how!

Understand you audience

The first step towards optimizing your IT helpdesk knowledge base is to understand your audience. Identify the different types of users who will be accessing the knowledge base. Consider their level of technical expertise and the common issues they face. By understanding your audience, you can tailor the content and structure of your knowledge base to meet their specific needs.

That’s where Gaspar AI can be of great help. By providing daily data to your IT team on the Admin portal about what employees are asking and what are the most common questions and problems they face, you’re off to a great start in your knowledge base creation journey! You know which are the most burning issues and therefore can prioritize these and first work on creating the related articles.

Regularly update and review content

Technology evolves rapidly, and so should your knowledge base. Regularly review and update your articles to reflect the latest software updates, product features, or changes in procedures. Set up a process to review the knowledge base periodically, ensuring that outdated or inaccurate information is removed or corrected. Encourage your support team to contribute to the knowledge base by documenting new solutions or frequently asked questions.

By getting insights from Gaspar AI about what employees ask and their evaluation of solution articles offered, you know which content needs to be updated to reflect procedures or solutions accurately, or optimized to be more helpful and clear. You also have great insight into solution articles that are missing from your knowledge base and for which you must create content.

Demonstrating a commitment to information accuracy and relevance can foster trust in the knowledge base, which in the end leads to more trust towards your department and its work. Moreover, having accurate and relevant information means that you can deflect more tickets via solution articles, ultimately leading to less repetitive, manual and boring work for your team.

Promote self-service options

Empowering users to find solutions independently not only reduces the burden on your support team but also improves user satisfaction. With Gaspar AI, even if you don’t have a knowledge base you can still enable your employees to self-serve. Our platform integrates with all the applications you wish to enable and their related content. Therefore, users can directly ask our AI chatbot their question and their ticket will be deflected via auto-resolution (instantly getting their issue resolved).

The use of our AI chatbot can bring added value by suggesting related topics and offering answers that match the entered query, even if it’s not exactly how it’s been phrased.

What’s more, with our ChatGPT integration , instead of receiving articles, the user gets a direct answer to their question from ChatGPT, in a human-like way. They no more have to go through knowledge articles (which might yet not exist in your company), they have their answer right in front of them in seconds!

And the best part is that it is not a generic answer, but a personalized answer! One of the caveats about using bots like ChatGPT for information retrieval is that it searches for answers through public sources on the internet, which isn’t always reliable. Since Gaspar AI integrates with multiple knowledge management systems (e.g. Notion, Helpjuice, Confluence, etc.), ChatGPT will form the answer from your company’s knowledge base, content repositories and internal sources – therefore it will be more credible. It also means that as long as you have content in any form – and not necessarily a knowledge base-, your users can still find answers to their questions.

Gather user feedback

To continuously improve your knowledge base, it's crucial to gather user feedback. Provide a rating system or a feedback form for users to share their thoughts on the helpfulness and clarity of the articles. Analyze this feedback and use it to identify areas for improvement. If users consistently report difficulty finding information or understanding certain topics, it may be necessary to reevaluate and revise those articles.

With Gaspar AI’s chatbot you can ask for immediate user feedback: whenever employees ask Gaspar (our Virtual Agent) a question and it answers with a solution article, it can then ask them to evaluate the response and article quality via an easy rating system. Thus, you can easily gather all the user feedback you need to ensure a high-quality knowledge base!

Optimized knowledge base, a valuable asset

An optimized IT helpdesk knowledge base is an asset for your company, empowering users to find solutions independently and reducing the workload of your support team. By understanding your audience, organizing the content effectively, and regularly updating and reviewing the information, you can create a knowledge base that delivers exceptional user experiences. Embrace self-service options and gather user feedback to continuously improve and refine your knowledge base.

Gaspar AI is your best ally throughout this process thanks to all the data and insights shared daily. If you would like to learn more, you can schedule a demo and better understand how we can help you manage your knowledge and deflect tickets.