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How to complete employee onboarding in under 1 minute

Mon Jan 30 2023

4 mins read

A workflow for Marketing onboarding is created and automatically fulfilled on Gaspar AI's admin portal.
“Maria is joining our company on March 5th. Let’s get ready so that she is all set up to start working day one". You just received notice from HR that a new hire joins the company, and all you can think of is the long hours ahead to repeat task after task the same process you did 2 days ago when George joined the company. Great, let’s put the new application deployment on hold once more, and work on the same routine job AGAIN! Onboarding is a complex and time-consuming task. It involves multiple steps, from setting up accounts and assigning roles to configuring networks and applications. What’s worse is that it is repetitive, boring and offers no added value to the IT and HR team. For companies of any size, this process can be overwhelming and lead to your and your team’s frustration. ## Enter Gaspar AI’s Workflow Automation! Workflow automation is a technology that automates and streamlines the process of completing tasks and activities, without the need for human input. It helps companies optimize their processes by eliminating manual tasks and repetition and by automating the flow of data and information between different systems and applications. When it comes to onboarding, it streamlines all related tasks such as account creation, license management, folder management, etc. Its implementation involves a platform that, when a predefined event occurs, triggers actions that can work across your apps, data, and teams. It is a tool for making work faster, easier, and more consistent, while enhancing information governance and security. Processes become more efficient and with fewer errors, company data are protected from unauthorized access, and help desk teams spend more of their time on value-adding activities, thus becoming more productive. It also reduces costs: it decreases the amount of time your help desk and IT team spends on onboarding tasks, which frees them up to focus on more important projects, such as security and compliance. Gaspar AI uses [Workflow Automation]( to [automate the new employee onboarding]( It streamlines the onboarding process by automating tasks such as creating user accounts, setting up email addresses, and installing the necessary software. Gaspar AI’s Workflows take it one step further by not just enabling you to automate these tasks, but also allowing you to automatically run the workflow process you created just when you need it: on the day the new hire joins the company. Let’s see how it works. ## Simplify employee onboarding in 3 steps #### 1. Create and name the workflow On the Admin portal, you go to the Workflows space, and you click on Create a Workflow. You give the workflow a name and description, and choose the category it falls under, in this case onboarding. #### 2. Choose the applications and actions to be performed You then pick the applications you would like to be included in this Workflow, and which specific actions you would like to be performed. You will include new account creation, enable the apps the user will have access to and what they can do with these apps, and set who will approve specific actions. For example, you can set up the account on Google workspace, choose which calendars this account will have access to, add the user on Slack, and select who will approve their requests. #### 3. Run the workflow Then, you can set the workflow process to run on the date the new employee joins the company. ## Build and customize as many onboarding workflows as you wish It takes just a few minutes to create the workflow - no coding skills are required! - and some seconds for it to run when needed. The platform gives you great customizability and visualizes everything so that you configure every task easily. And since you can build as many templates as you wish, which will include all the main actions that need to be performed once a new employee is hired, it means that you won’t have to create a new workflow process every time. You can just select which one is relevant for each hire, set it to run for this new email account, and just sit back and relax. It is a straightforward process that is executed on a regular basis to improve productivity, company governance and security. And the new employees can immediately hit the ground running! If you would like to optimize your company's onboarding experience, [contact us for a demo](