Oct 10, 2023

Our AI helpdesk software for automated password reset and process automation

Behind the scenes of our AI helpdesk for IT support automation

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In the last few years, working in employee helpdesk support makes you feel like you're stuck in a loop, dealing with the same problems again and again. You're always ready to help your colleagues, but there's a catch: sorting out things often feels like a slow and complicated puzzle. The systems you use struggle to understand the issues people face. And this repetitive work keeps you from doing more important tasks because you're stuck fixing the same old problems.

On the other hand, picture this: you're one of the end users, grappling with a burning question that's keeping you from moving forward. You're eager for answers, just like you are when you turn to your trusty sidekick, ChatGPT, outside of work. But instead, it feels like you've entered a labyrinth where getting answers is a marathon, not a sprint. The information you need is scattered all over the place, like trying to find lost keys in a big, messy room.

So, why doesn't the quest for answers and solutions in the workplace give everyone the same thrill as a quick ChatGPT question?

Let’s first think why we turn to ChatGPT. Well, for starters, it's like a digital wizard that deciphers our questions, even when we don't quite have our thoughts in order. ChatGPT's remarkable natural language understanding makes it adept at interpreting user queries, enabling more conversational and less rigid interactions. Additionally, it makes it extremely easy to find the right answer: it excels in providing contextually relevant responses, delivering personalized and accurate answers based on conversation history. Its diverse knowledge base spans various subjects, offering insights on practically anything under the sun.

And here's the magic touch—ChatGPT is brilliant at serving up the juiciest, most relevant nuggets of knowledge right when you need them.

Gaspar AI, your magic chatbot helpdesk solution

So how would you feel if you had such an assistant at work, automating tasks and accurately answering questions like a human? If you could empower helpdesk teams and employees alike to get the solutions they need right when they need them?

It would make your help desk job easier and free up your time for bigger, more exciting things, helping your company move forward. At the same time, it would enable employees to solve their issues effortlessly and instantly, like a simple ChatGPT prompt.

With Gaspar AI, you can now have a ChatGPT-like chatbot at your employee support fingertips!

Being dedicated to offering the best and most intuitive solution for employee helpdesk automation, we developed our cutting-edge AI technology at Gaspar AI. The result was a one-of-a-kind GPT-powered platform that empowers employees to get quick and effortless IT and HR support, and helpdesk teams to get rid of more than 40% of tickets, decrease their manual work by 80%, and make better decisions thanks to AI-based insights.

Gaspar AI automatically resolves employee queries and answers their questions on Slack, MS Teams and Jira Service Management support portal, by using our AI power and by integrating with multiple applications. The process is very straightforward: an employee asks Gaspar, our AI chatbot, a question on one of the above platforms, and Gaspar answers in seconds in a human-like way, offering the solution they were looking for.

In case auto-resolution is not possible, employees easily create a ticket on the above-mentioned apps, which is synced with the ITSM platform and routed to the right agent for resolution. It’s that quick and easy!

But how is this magic happening? Let’s take an exclusive, detailed, step-by-step look at the process and technology behind.

Cracking the code: understanding employee issues

Query type recognition

The first step to fulfill an employee’s query is to identify what the user wants. We use a Machine Learning system to do so. Depending on several system parameters our chatbot decides about the type of response. There are four main types:

  • Automation
  • Knowledge Base info
  • Personalized Info
  • Unknown

Intent recognition powered by BERT

To automatically resolve queries and automate processes, Gaspar AI comes with a set of automations that serve users’ requests. For instance, if an employee asks “I forgot my password”, the automation that should be triggered is “password_reset”. But how does Gaspar AI know what the user wants? That’s where the AI comes in.

In order to identify the user’s intention, the query is evaluated by a BERT-based classifier model trained on thousands of human-labeled queries to ensure top-quality results.

Pinpointing solutions: human-like, accurate responses across the Enterprise

Most often, valuable answers are tucked away within different resources and systems. These answers are usually buried deep within knowledge bases and documents, appearing as a paragraph, a sentence, or even a mere phrase. Tracking them down feels like embarking on a quest for hidden treasures!

That's precisely why we've created Gaspar AI – to put an end to these treasure hunts and offer you accurate answers in a magical way.

Knowledge Base article retrieval powered by a Search and Analytics engine

Gaspar AI integrates with and searches through most Knowledge Base systems, such as Confluence, Coda, HelpJuice, etc., to answer employee questions with information from these systems. The solution articles are indexed in Gaspar AI’s Information Retrieval system.

All articles from the knowledge base are retrieved, preprocessed and indexed. This allows for better handling of the Knowledge Base and more accurate search results. Queries to the Knowledge Base can be adjusted on a per-customer basis.

Knowledge Base answering powered by ChatGPT

While a list of articles is a great and useful way to respond to the user, and the most common practice among rule-based chatbots, providing the actual answer is much faster and preferred by users. Assisted by ChatGPT , our AI scans the customer’s Knowledge Base and accurately answers the user’s question in a human-like way. If our AI cannot find the answer, or a generic answer is found, it informs the user to provide more details – that's where our in-house Dialog Management system comes into play. The employee can further interact with our chatbot, ask clarifying questions and offer more details until they get the information they need. Otherwise, our chatbot presents them with the opportunity to open a ticket.

We fine-tune ChatGPT on the customer’s knowledge base on a regular basis, so that the answers are relevant. The prompts submitted to GPT are carefully engineered to enhance the final user’s experience and avoid unexpected results. Each answer is checked for appropriateness and relevance before being presented to the user.

Personalized Info powered by ChatGPT

Very often, employees want to access non-public information that concerns them specifically. It can be information about their paid time off, their relationship with the company, stock options, daily tasks, etc. Employees often dread these questions as they must log into different systems to get answers. For instance, an employee may need to know how much time-off they have left so that they plan their summer holidays. They would need to log in to their HRIS, drill down to the system’s menus and find the relevant information.

Gaspar AI automates this manual work . It retrieves the information from the relevant system and feeds this into ChatGPT using carefully engineered prompts. ChatGPT provides an answer, which is being checked for appropriateness and relevance. Gaspar presents the final answer to the user.

Now, the only thing employees do is ask our chatbot as they would a human colleague. For instance, if they ask “What’s my remaining PTO for the year?” Gaspar would reply with “You’ve got 14 days left until the end of the year”. Within the same dialogue, they can also ask “Can I book my summer holidays?” and Gaspar will also take care of that by automating the time-off request and related approval process.

Data Analytics and Insights with Gaspar AI’s query clustering

Some user queries might not be automatically resolved or answered. But they can turn into useful insights that enable IT managers and Admins to make informed decisions. It’s one of Gaspar AI’s most powerful features, our Proactive Insights .

Gaspar AI gathers all unanswered questions, groups them and tries to make sense of what the user was expecting to achieve. Admins can view these insights on the Admin Portal so that they can:

  • Determine new opportunities for automating processes.
  • Find information gaps so that they add new articles to their knowledge base.
  • Integrate more applications with Gaspar AI to use the Personalized Info feature.

For example, if people often ask for information about how to install the company’s VPN client, and such info does not exist in the knowledge base, it would be nice to have an article that has relevant step-by-step instructions.

One AI platform to rule them all

At Gaspar AI, our focus is on revolutionizing the IT and HR helpdesk support in the workplace. This is why we developed a robust AI-powered technological framework designed to bridge the gap between employees and the resources they require, while liberating talented help desk professionals from the monotony of answering repetitive questions. Our approach is to offer employees and helpdesk teams a dedicated ChatGPT-like expert assistant to make internal support as quick, easy and accurate as a ChatGPT conversation.

The result? IT teams can focus on driving large-scale digital transformations, HR experts can dedicate their efforts to perfecting the employee lifecycle, and employees can easily access the information they need to tackle meaningful projects. It's all about streamlining work processes and allowing everyone to concentrate on what truly matters.

If you want to see how it feels to have your personal ChatGPT assistant at work, schedule a free, personalised demo with our expert team.