Mar 19, 2024

Gaspar AI and Google Workspace for better employee helpdesk support

Gaspar AI and Google Workspace for better employee support

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By seamlessly integrating our AI employee helpdesk with Google Workspace , your favorite tools are infused with powerful AI capabilities, enhancing productivity for both helpdesk teams and end users. With automated task handling and immediate assistance without human intervention, your support team gains valuable time for impactful strategic initiatives. Meanwhile, employees avoid idle time, receiving swift solutions without delay. Our Generative AI helpdesk platform goes beyond mere L1 requests, resolving issues within seconds.

Let’s explore how you can offer smarter and quicker employee helpdesk support by connecting Gaspar AI and Google Workspace.

Automate tasks and reduce manual work by 80%

Automatically solve 40% of routine issues and automate repetitive tasks without human intervention. Employees simply talk to our Generative AI Virtual Agent on Microsoft Teams or Slack in natural language and get solutions promptly. These are the key employee helpdesk automations supported by our Google Workspace integration:

  • Software Provisioning: Gaspar AI streamlines software provisioning by automating license management, ensuring compliance, and optimizing resource allocation. With strict adherence to permissions, unauthorized access is a thing of the past: users will not be able to get a license if they are not entitled to it based on their role.
  • Password Management: Say goodbye to downtime! Gaspar AI identifies the user and automatically resets their password rather than just guiding them through the process. It thus enables employees to get back to work immediately.
  • MFA Management: Gaspar AI reinforces security by automating MFA removal when necessary, maintaining robust protocols with minimal administrative overhead.
  • Group creation: With a simple request, your desired group is created instantly, with the requester automatically becoming the group owner.

Automate and streamline approvals

Gaspar AI makes accessing the right groups, folders, and calendars effortless while maintaining security. It operates seamlessly within Microsoft Teams or Slack, where both the requester and the approver receive real-time updates and notifications.

  • Group Management: Gaspar AI streamlines group management by automating user additions and removals, guaranteeing accurate access rights at any time.
  • Calendar Management: By automating calendar access approvals, Gaspar AI ensures that authorized individuals have the required permissions, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.

Offer instant answers based on your Google docs (or other) knowledge

Gaspar AI seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, tapping into your internal data to provide precise, human-like responses. From IT troubleshooting to HR policies, users receive timely and accurate answers. Each response is backed by thorough source citations, ensuring reliability. Moreover, Gaspar AI integrates with various knowledge bases and internal repositories, ensuring swift access to relevant information and enhancing operational efficiency.

Create and enrich your company’s knowledge

Gaspar AI detects gaps in your knowledge base and docs by analyzing actual employee inquiries and recommends creating relevant content to fill these voids. Additionally, it assesses the quality and depth of your internal information, providing insights into areas that require enhancement. This proactive approach ensures that organizational knowledge stays updated and thorough, promoting ongoing refinement and progress.

Automate processes by 90%

Gaspar AI's Workflow Automation streamlines team operations by automating repetitive tasks. It simplifies user account management in Google Workspace, expediting onboarding and reducing offboarding timelines.

  • Account Management: Gaspar AI empowers administrators to seamlessly add or remove accounts, ensuring organizational needs are met with precision and consistency.
  • Account Suspension: With Gaspar AI's Workflow Automation, account suspension and reactivation are executed promptly, enabling IT Admins to respond swiftly to security threats or operational requirements.
  • Organizational Unit Management: Gaspar AI automates user transfers within the company, accurately reflecting organizational structure changes across systems.
  • Single Sign-On: Gaspar AI facilitates user creation through streamlined single sign-on functionalities.

Make data-driven decisions based on our Business Insights

Unlock employee productivity with Gaspar AI's Business Insights. Discover prevalent employee challenges , productivity obstacles, and uncover the most effective solutions. Leveraging advanced language models, we analyze ticket data to pinpoint areas for service enhancement. Identify key automation opportunities, process refinements, and knowledge content that will drive significant business impact.

Measure your investment’s impact with Performance Metrics

Track which features, capabilities, and resources employees find valuable, along with key KPI performance. Analyze trends over time, enabling informed decision-making and data-backed actions.

Gaspar AI’s employee helpdesk and Google Workspace collaboration redefines support

By integrating Gaspar AI with Google Workspace you elevate your employee support operations with Generative AI and maximize your existing applications’ capabilities. In just a few clicks you get more than 100 automations, along with business insights and better knowledge management, ensuring a very high return on your Google Workspace and Gaspar AI investments.

If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a free, personalized demo and discuss your specific needs.