May 29, 2024

generative AI helpdesk on slack

Smarter support: get a generative AI helpdesk on Slack

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Helpdesk teams are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of incoming employee requests. The traditional way of doing support is highly inefficient: resolution is always late, ticket backlogs are only increasing, and strategic projects are left with no human resources. At the same time, end users can’t work on their projects, complain about IT and helpdesk teams and can’t find crucial information. IT and helpdesk teams are overwhelmed and stressed, employees are unproductive and unhappy. That’s a lot of negativity to deal with!

Recognizing this complexity, Gaspar AI streamlines employee support by offering a generative AI, unified, easy-to-use solution for instant assistance. In this blog, we will focus on our Slack integration and explain why setting up an employee helpdesk there can offer great benefits to your company, what are the main features, and how you can install it.

What is Gaspar AI’s generative AI helpdesk?

A generative AI helpdesk for employee support empowers your teams to perform tasks, find answers and take informed decisions. It is a secure and always available support platform built for an AI-first world. Thanks to advanced language models, it offers dynamic, human-like conversations, seamlessly integrating with various communication channels and IT systems. It empowers employees to act, search, query, and generate content across a multitude of enterprise applications. Fueled by constantly improving generative models, AI-driven analytics for performance evaluation, and developer tools for customizable use cases, it's the future of assistance.

Gaspar AI’s genAI helpdesk platform integrates with various knowledge bases (such as Coda, Notion, Google Docs, Confluence and more) and uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to search and retrieve relevant information. Thanks to advanced NLP it generates accurate, helpful, human-like responses, ensuring that the generated answers are contextually appropriate, reliable and tailored to the employee's needs. Our platform is characterized by reduced hallucinations when compared to others: RAG mitigates the risk of generating misleading or incorrect responses that could lead to user frustration or worse, wrong decisions.

It also offers more than 30 ready-to-use integrations with your commonly used apps to automate more than a hundred tasks. Gaspar AI understands queries necessitating actions across different platforms, their intent and user context, and executes them automatically, sparing your agents from manual intervention. Our plugins seamlessly integrate into your workflow, automating mundane employee support tasks such as password resets and software access approvals, empowering your employees to handle essential functions like time-off requests with ease—all without the need for human intervention.

Why integrate a generative AI helpdesk within Slack?

Integrating the generative AI helpdesk with Slack presents multiple benefits for organizations aiming to enhance their service desk operations:

  • Enhanced accessibility: Employees can access the helpdesk directly within Slack, where they already spend a substantial amount of their time, making it convenient to seek help without switching platforms or knowing technical jargon.

  • Streamlined communication: By integrating with Slack, all helpdesk interactions are centralized in one platform, simplifying communication and making it easier to track and manage support requests.

  • Increased user adoption: Since employees are already familiar with Slack, they are more likely to use the AI helpdesk, leading to higher engagement and utilization rates.

  • Enhanced and real-time collaboration: Integration with Slack facilitates better collaboration among employees and support agents, as they can easily share information, documents, and updates within the same platform.

  • Cost savings: Integrating the helpdesk within Slack can lead to cost savings by consolidating tools and eliminating the need for separate service desk software licenses. Additionally, it boosts the ROI of current Slack investments.

By embedding service desk capabilities within Slack, companies can establish a central hub for communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. This consolidation simplifies workflows and nurtures a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing among employees.

Gaspar AI helpdesk Slack integration key features

When you integrate Slack with Gaspar AI, you get extra AI-powered features to optimize your employee support operations and boost efficiency.

Automated resolution

Gaspar AI’s Generative AI chatbot automatically and instantly resolves at least 40% of employee issues without human intervention, powered by LLMs and 3rd party plugins. Most common problems addressed include password resets , software and hardware provisioning, group and email management, access requests, and more!

Automated approvals

Gaspar AI makes it easy for everyone to ask for time-off or access the channels, folders and groups they need but not the ones they don't. The process happens on Slack for both the requester and the approver, and they can track the request’s status on the same platform.

Instant, accurate, human-like answers

Your workforce can instantly find information – HR policies, IT troubleshooting and more just by asking our AI Virtual Agent on Slack. It searches articles, documents and data across knowledge bases and repositories, and can ask follow-up questions until employees get the exact answer. Our chatbot serves them concise summaries instead of links to articles, along with citations to enhance trust.

Efficient internal communications

If you are fed up with sending important email updates that nobody reads, then you’ll love this feature. With Gaspar AI, you can reach and engage employees by sending tailored messages directly through Slack — motivating them to act. You can create announcements about anything: software migrations, planned maintenance, office lunches, team reviews, changes in HR time-off policy, reminders about expenses submission, or updates about new product launches and campaigns.

No-code workflow automation

Reduce manual work by 80% and minimize repetitive tasks such as onboarding by creating no-code, customized workflows. You can activate them whenever needed directly from Slack or set up triggers.

Hassle-free, automated ITSM

In case of auto-resolution, a ticket is automatically created on your ITSM platform. If the chatbot can't resolve the issue, it facilitates handoff to the right agent with easy ticket creation on Slack and smart routing. End users and agents can follow up the process, receive updates and track the status on Slack at any moment.

Setting up Gaspar AI on Slack

Setting up Gaspar AI is a straightforward process. You can start with a free 21-day trial . Then, log in with your SSO- e.g. Google, Microsoft 365 – and a member of our team will contact you to onboard you. You can also see detailed steps here . You will have the opportunity to configure permissions and access controls to ensure that everyone accesses only the information they should, and that sensitive information remains secure. IT admins will define the appropriate level of access for different user roles, including administrators, IT support staff and end-users. The platform is highly customizable, so you can choose the features and level of automation you want.

We're enthusiasts for great software, both as users and creators. That's why we've prioritized making the entire journey, from setup to everyday use, as effortless as possible.

Benefits of Gaspar AI in the workplace

Implementing Gaspar AI on Slack has multiple benefits for end users and helpdesk teams:

  • More than 40% of issues automatically resolved: Gaspar, our AI Virtual Agent, resolves employee issues directly on Slack and automates tasks without human intervention. Your busy teams no longer answer the same questions over and over and have fewer tickets to deal with.

  • 80% less manual work: By automating the most repetitive tasks, end users and helpdesk teams perform less manual work.

  • More than 85% of questions instantly answered: Gaspar AI answers instantly and automatically most of employee queries, with no need for human intervention or search.

  • Increased productivity: Fast and accurate issue resolution means less downtime, which empowers your workforce to be more productive.

  • 24/7 access to help: Our generative AI helpdesk knows no time limit – it's available whenever employees need it.

  • More time to work on strategic, impactful projects: With fewer tickets to handle, IT teams are free to focus on bigger and more important projects.

  • Decreased costs: With Gaspar AI you decrease resolution time and the cost of inefficient time, thus lowering related costs. Consequently, your company saves money and increases profitability.

  • Happier employees: Streamlined communication leads to perfect employee experiences: it frees their time and makes them more productive, leading to higher satisfaction, retention, and a great workplace culture.

If you’d like to take a step forward into your AI journey, schedule a call with us to discuss your needs and goals. You will also get the chance to see the platform in action and experience our generative AI power first-hand.