Jun 11, 2024

MS Teams generative AI helpdesk

MS Teams generative AI helpdesk: The future of employee support

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Helpdesk teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the surge of employee requests. Traditional support is inefficient: resolutions are delayed, ticket backlogs grow, and strategic projects lack resources. As a result, employees struggle to complete their work, express dissatisfaction with IT and helpdesk teams, and find it challenging to access essential information. This situation leads to stressed support teams and unproductive, unhappy employees.

To tackle this complexity, Gaspar AI offers a streamlined solution with a generative AI helpdesk that provides instant support. This blog will highlight our integration with Microsoft Teams , outlining its benefits, key features, and installation process.

What is Gaspar AI’s generative AI helpdesk?

A generative AI helpdesk for employee support allows your teams to complete tasks, find answers, and make informed decisions. This secure, always-available platform is designed for an AI-first world. Using advanced language models, it facilitates dynamic, human-like conversations and integrates seamlessly with various communication channels and IT systems. Employees can act, search, query, and generate content across multiple enterprise applications. Constantly improving generative models, AI-driven performance analytics, and customizable developer tools make it the future of assistance.

Gaspar AI’s platform connects with various knowledge bases (like Coda , Notion, Google Docs , Confluence, SharePoint, and more) and uses Retrieval Augmented Generation to find and provide relevant information. Advanced NLP ensures accurate, helpful, human-like responses tailored to the employee’s needs, with reduced instances of incorrect or misleading answers. Additionally, the platform integrates with over 30 commonly used apps to automate more than 100 tasks. Gaspar AI understands the intent behind queries, executes actions across different platforms, and automates tasks like password resets and software access approvals, freeing support agents from repetitive tasks.

Why integrate a generative AI helpdesk within Microsoft Teams?

Integrating a generative AI helpdesk with Microsoft Teams offers numerous benefits for organizations aiming to improve their service desk operations:

  • Enhanced accessibility: Employees can access the helpdesk directly within Microsoft Teams, making it convenient to seek help without switching platforms or needing technical knowledge.

  • Streamlined communication: Centralizing all helpdesk interactions in one platform simplifies communication and makes tracking and managing support requests easier.

  • Increased user adoption: Familiarity with Microsoft Teams increases the likelihood of employees using the AI helpdesk, leading to higher engagement and adoption rates.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Integration with Microsoft Teams facilitates better collaboration among employees and support agents, enabling easy sharing of information, documents, and updates within the same platform.

  • Cost savings: It reduces costs by consolidating tools and eliminating the need for separate service desk software licenses, maximizing the ROI of current Microsoft Teams investments.

By embedding service desk capabilities within Microsoft Teams, companies can create a central hub for communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, simplifying workflows and fostering a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Gaspar AI for Microsoft Teams: Key features

When you integrate Microsoft Teams with Gaspar AI, you gain AI-powered features to enhance employee support operations and improve efficiency:

  • Automated resolution: Gaspar AI’s generative AI chatbot resolves at least 40% of employee issues automatically and instantly, including common problems like password resets, software provisioning, and access requests.

  • Automated approvals: Employees can request time off or access to channels, folders, and groups directly within Microsoft Teams. Both requesters and approvers can track the status on the same platform.

  • Instant accurate answers: Employees can instantly find information on HR policies, IT troubleshooting, and more by asking the AI virtual agent on Microsoft Teams, which searches knowledge bases and repositories to provide concise, cited summaries to at least 85% of their questions.

  • Efficient internal communications: Reach and engage employees with tailored messages directly through Microsoft Teams, such as software migration announcements, planned maintenance updates, or HR policy changes.

  • No-code workflow automation: Reduce manual work by 80% with customizable no-code workflows.

  • Hassle-Free automated ITSM: If auto-resolution is not possible, the platform creates a ticket on your ITSM, ensuring smooth handoff to the right agent, with easy ticket creation and status tracking on Microsoft Teams.

Setting up Gaspar AI on Microsoft Teams

Setting up Gaspar AI is straightforward. Begin with a free 21-day trial, then log in with your SSO. A member of our team will contact you for onboarding and to help you configure permissions and access controls, ensuring secure access to information based on user roles. The platform is highly customizable, allowing you to select the features and automation levels you need. We prioritize a seamless experience from setup to daily use, reflecting our enthusiasm for great software.

Benefits of Gaspar AI in the workplace

Implementing Gaspar AI on Microsoft Teams offers multiple benefits:

  • More than 40% of issues resolved automatically: The AI virtual agent resolves issues directly on Microsoft Teams, reducing repetitive requests and ticket volume.

  • More than 85% of questions instantly answered: Gaspar AI answers instantly and automatically most of employee queries, with no need for human intervention or search.

  • 80% less manual work: Automating repetitive tasks decreases manual work for end-users and helpdesk teams.

  • Increased productivity: Fast and accurate issue resolution minimizes downtime, enhancing workforce productivity.

  • 24/7 access to help: The generative AI helpdesk is available anytime employees need it.

  • More time for strategic projects: Fewer tickets free up IT teams to focus on important projects.

  • Decreased costs: Reducing resolution times and inefficiencies lowers related costs, boosting company profitability.

  • Happier employees: Streamlined communication and efficient support lead to higher satisfaction, retention, and a positive workplace culture.

To advance your AI journey, schedule a call with us to discuss your needs and goals. You’ll also have the opportunity to see our platform in action and experience the power of generative AI firsthand.