Apr 30, 2024

Why switch to Gaspar AI for employee support

Switch to Gaspar AI: 9 reasons to upgrade your old employee support

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Welcome to the future of employee support! Whether it's AI-powered responses or instant assistance for your employees, our cutting-edge AI helpdesk has everything you need.

We frequently hear questions from IT admins regarding the benefits of transitioning from their current service desk setup to Gaspar AI. The reasons they’re hesitant vary. Some express uncertainty about the longevity of AI solutions, viewing them as mere trends (they’re not!). Others question the tangible value AI brings beyond enhanced searches. Many are concerned about the security and ethical implications of AI implementation, or they don’t have much information about all the capabilities of AI helpdesks.

Ultimately, the decision rests with each IT manager and CIO. To assist in this decision-making process, we've compiled a comprehensive list highlighting why Gaspar AI is better for your employee support needs, and why you should seriously consider switching from your traditional service desk setup.

From instant, AI-powered resolution for employee requests to a simple, unified user experience centered around Microsoft Teams and Slack, our platform offers many features aligned with modern employee support help desks' needs.

1. Slack and Microsoft Teams first, over portals, email or phone

Our customers have consistently voiced their dissatisfaction with traditional ITSM portals as the primary means of contacting helpdesk teams. Employees often struggle to recall portal URLs and to navigate disparate systems, making it hard to find the support they need and adding unnecessary complexity to seeking assistance.

Recognizing this complexity, Gaspar AI streamlines employee support by offering a unified, easy-to-use solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools. The rise of platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams as central hubs for workplace communication offers the best place to seek help. Our friendly, intuitive interface on Slack and MS Teams empowers employees to just talk with our chatbot through direct messages (DMs) or public channels and immediately get solutions. By leveraging Gaspar AI's capabilities, employees can receive timely assistance without navigating away from their preferred collaboration tools. Whether they're in the office or on the go, employees can access forms, receive answers, and submit requests with ease using Slack and MS Teams mobile apps.

This streamlined approach eliminates the need to remember portal URLs, different log-in details or grapple with desktop interfaces, making support more accessible and efficient for all employees and encouraging widespread adoption.

2. AI capabilities to resolve employee issues with no human intervention

We’ve learned from our initial research and our early customers that a significant portion of IT queries revolve around requests for new software access, finding reports and policies, and the never-ending stream of asks for password resets.

Each of these queries prompts agents to navigate through various tools, typically requiring four to ten clicks per task. Multiply that by just ten queries, and you're looking at hundreds of clicks and several hours consumed by repetitive tasks. In the meantime, end users stay inactive, getting more frustrated by the minute.

That’s why we built our AI capabilities. Gaspar AI understands queries necessitating actions across different platforms, their intent and user context, and executes them automatically, sparing your agents from manual intervention.

Unlike traditional software solutions that demand meticulous manual setup and configuration, Gaspar AI is ready to use: its plugins are easy to enable with just one click. They require no implementation specialists or additional setup expenses. They seamlessly integrate into your workflow, automating mundane employee support tasks such as password resets and software access approvals, empowering your employees to handle essential functions like time-off requests with ease—all without the need for human intervention.

3. Keep it simple: no tech talk, just everyday language

Gaspar AI makes it easy to access support without the need to know technical or IT terms: thanks to LLM training, NLP and NLU, employees just talk to our chatbot in everyday language and are instantly understood, engage in interactive conversations and get human-like answers.

Gaspar AI has been built on advanced LLMs, and trained with high-quality data sets specific to the employee support sector, ensuring instant understanding of issues and human-like, accurate answers. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology outperforms the competition and can be trained within weeks for a new language. Thanks to our dialog management capabilities, our Virtual Agent can ask follow-up questions and clarifications until the employee’s issue is resolved.

4. Summarized knowledge at your fingertips - no need to read a hundred resources

Employees are losing valuable time and productivity as they navigate disparate systems searching for the insights necessary to fuel informed decisions and foster innovation. A McKinsey report reveals that employees dedicate a staggering 19% of their workday just searching for information. They know that a treasure trove of tribal knowledge lies buried within knowledge articles, slide decks, and reports —if only they could find it!

With Gaspar AI, you can now fill in the knowledge void: employees can access hard-to-find resources seamlessly on Slack, MS Teams and the ITSM portal thanks to our AI-generated summaries. Our AI helpdesk platform integrates with your knowledge base and internal repositories to automatically index and ingest information, and then match employees' requests with concise solutions. It instantly consolidates information from different sources, staying grounded in your company’s data, and delivers responses in a human-like way. All AI-generated answer summaries adhere to access permissions and users can instantly verify them through citations and links to source content, boosting their trust to our AI platform.

5. Faster approvals for better results

A significant bottleneck in organizational processes often arises from delays in obtaining necessary approvals. It can be a delay in getting the necessary raw materials, a very delayed payment to a supplier, or an employee having trouble getting their well-deserved time off.

Traditional systems rely on email notifications to alert managers of pending approvals. However, in the age of overflowing inboxes, these notifications frequently go unnoticed. Moreover, even when they don’t, the approval process can be time-consuming, with many steps until it’s done. That’s why with Gaspar AI approvals are directly handled in a few minutes on Slack and MS Teams. The requester submits their request through our chatbot on Slack and MS Teams and the approver instantly receives an alert to approve or decline. Both parties receive status updates and notifications once the request is approved.

6. Instant assistance over hours of waiting

The Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) an employee issue is about 26 hours. We know that time is money: long hours of unresolved issues, inaccessible accounts, system downtime and more, can cause business disruptions, leading to loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Let alone employee frustration for being uncapable to do their job and feeling unproductive. Thus, the shorter the time it takes to address an issue, the better.

With Gaspar AI you can immediately: we’re talking about account issues, password resets, HR and IT troubleshooting questions, time-off requests, software and hardware provisioning, finding information about company policies, VPN access, group and email list issues, and more. Employees just engage in a conversation with our virtual Agent on Slack or MS Teams and instantly get their issue resolved. And we do this for more than 40% of your helpdesk issues!

Even for complex issues, with Gaspar AI you can speed-up resolution: by facilitating handoff to the right agent with easy ticket creation on Slack and MS Teams, smart categorization and routing, you can resolve them more easily and quickly.

7. Faster than ever setup: no coding, just a few clicks

We're enthusiasts for great software, both as users and creators. That's why we've prioritized making the entire journey, from setup to everyday use, as effortless as possible.

Installing Gaspar AI into your Slack workspace ? Just a few clicks to log in with and enable your SSO, configure your ITSM and your preferred channel settings, and integrate with your internal resources and apps, and you are up and running. It’s a similar process when you use Microsoft Teams. Our customers often find themselves diving into Gaspar AI’s features within just one day, often with minimal guidance. There's no need to dedicate engineering resources or train for days to understand how the platform works. There’s no need to manually create rules to automate processes: our Generative AI chatbot is ready-to-use and our workflow templates allow you to craft customized workflows for the processes you want to automate.

8. 24/7 help vs 9 to 5

When it comes to getting support, there shouldn’t be a schedule: tech issues can happen at any time, and multiple time zones can’t be accommodated in a specific timeframe.

Gaspar AI offers round-the-clock assistance, unlike traditional support limited to standard working hours. With our AI chatbot offering in-app instant support on 3 applications - Slack, MS Teams and JSM support portal, users can access help and guidance at any time, ensuring immediate resolution of issues and uninterrupted workflow. Moreover, our AI-powered support can handle a vast volume of inquiries simultaneously, minimizing wait times and optimizing efficiency, a feat unattainable with traditional support models constrained by human availability.

9. Purpose-built for employee experience, not customer support

You might be thinking about using your customer support platform for internal support as well. Feedback from customers utilizing customer support helpdesks for employee support reveals that while these tools excel with external customers, they often lack functionality tailored to internal support needs. Adapting customer-service features to fit internal use cases, rather than utilizing purpose-built internal helpdesk features such as service catalogs or approvals, can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Gaspar AI is designed specifically for IT and internal helpdesk teams that provide day-to-day support to employees, with product development prioritizing features aimed at enhancing their workflow efficiency. With native support for commonly used apps, service catalogs, approval policies, company resources, and notifications through Slack and Microsoft Teams, Gaspar AI streamlines internal support processes without the need for extensive customization.

Additionally, upcoming features like hardware management and proactive alerts further underscore Gaspar AI’s commitment to empowering employee support teams and maximizing productivity without excessive software customization.

Accelerate employee support efficiency with Gaspar AI

Gaspar AI emerges as a transformative solution for addressing your most common employee support pain points and the problems you have with your current service desk setup. It offers unparalleled value through its advanced Generative AI capabilities and its native built-for internal support. We're deeply engaged with our current customers to pinpoint areas of concern, enhancing our ability to learn while we improve our features and add new capabilities.

If you seek more than just an AI vendor — but rather a collaborative partner who understands your requirements and goals, and actively assists you in transitioning away from old software stacks — then you should try Gaspar AI out .