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5 reasons to integrate Gaspar AI's chatbot with ServiceNow

Wed Mar 15 2023

5 mins read

Ticket is created on MS Teams thanks to Gaspar AI's chatbot, which automatically syncs with ServiceNow
Since deploying [ServiceNow]( you feel that you have already improved employee IT support a lot and that you team is more productive. You resolve issues faster thanks to their ticketing system, you provide employees the answers they need with relevant results, you share knowledge easier. However, your team still gets an increasing number of tickets, employees are somehow reluctant to use the self-service portal, and you would like to have more insights regarding IT performance and knowledge management. How would you feel if someone told you there is a way to unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow deployment and get the most out of your investment? Gaspar AI has built an integration with ServiceNow to bring the power of AI to your ITSM platform and enable you to maximize the ROI from your ServiceNow deployment. Gaspar AI’s platform auto-resolves 40% of employee IT issues instantly, without human involvement, and auto-fulfills repetitive IT tasks by 90%, resulting to less manual work. When you integrate Gaspar AI with ServiceNow, you augment its capabilities so that your team can provide quicker and more efficient IT support, while deflecting employee service tickets. At the same time employees get a magical, seamless experience on the platform they already use (Slack or MS Teams), resulting to higher adoption and a maximum ROI. In the end, you will experience a lower ticket volume, which leads to better response times and an IT helpdesk cost per ticket at $1. Your ServiceNow deployment will be maximized! If you are considering this integration, read below to better understand why it is such a smart decision to do it and stay ahead of the IT game. ## 1. Enhance IT teams’ productivity Since Gaspar, our Conversational AI chatbot, automatically solves 40% of employee IT issues, your team won’t have to do so – they will receive a largely decreased ticket volume and won’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Moreover, even when human involvement is required, Gaspar AI’s integration facilitates handoff: tickets are created automatically on ServiceNow and provide context, so that the right agent can work on it without having to gather lots of info. At the same time, with Workflow automation, routine tasks such as new hire IT onboarding will be auto-fulfilled. As a result, your team can stop doing repetitive tasks and use the time gained to focus on closing the most complex tickets. And since they have more time for fewer tickets and all the context they need, they will resolve them faster, improving the mean time to resolution – and consequently the helpdesk cost per ticket. What’s more, they can use the extra time to work on strategic projects they have been putting aside due to lack of time and resources. In the end, you will end up with a much more efficient, productive and happy team! And your budget will stop paying for answering repetitive questions and instead pay for strategic initiatives—leading to an increased ROI. ## 2. Boost employee satisfaction One of the main reasons employees do not adopt ITSM self-service portals and still prefer to call or email IT is user experience. They find them very complicated and hard-to-use: they don’t understand the differences between the various ServiceNow tables, they are not sure which form to fill in or whether their issue is an incident or service request, they find knowledge articles too technical and they don’t like the service catalog order experience. And when they manage to get through all this, they might need to ask the question in a specific way or receive answers that are not accurate e.g. ask how to join the wi-fi network and instead receive an answer on how to set up a VPN. The good news is with Gaspar AI’s integration they don’t need to know any of these technicalities. They just ask Gaspar their question on Slack or Microsoft Teams (and if you wish, Gaspar can also be integrated on the Now platform) and get it resolved instantly, without even needing to leave the platform or having to search through knowledge base articles. Furthermore, they can speak naturally as they would to a member of your team, and the answer will be extremely accurate and to-the-point, making them satisfied with the service and eager to keep using it. Gaspardesk uses Natural Language Processing and has Natural Language Understanding to comprehend user language, intent and context: our AI chatbot understands 100s of phrases and not only pre-defined topics, and offers instant solutions to multiple issues. This streamlined communication and optimized end-user experience play a vital role in employee satisfaction: they receive personalized answers very quickly, which reduces their “idle” time, making them more productive and leading to higher employee retention and a great workplace culture. ## 3. Enable better decision making One of the great features of Gaspar AI and ServiceNow integration is the data analytics and insights you get on the Gaspar AI admin portal. You can enjoy an exceptional outlook on your IT support process performance since you get a comprehensive overview of insights on your chatbot's performance and real-time monitoring of key KPIs. You can now receive information on how many issues were automatically resolved and how (through the virtual agent or a knowledge base article), how many tickets were opened, any missed opportunities you have by not automating some queries, and most importantly, how much money you save by deploying Gaspar AI and ServiceNow. You consequently can prioritize tasks and projects based on facts, identify critical issues and implement any changes needed to further maximize your investment. ## 4. Transform your ServiceNow deployment with AI Automate processes without needing a team of machine learning experts! Gaspar AI's platform includes integrations with more than 25 software vendors that allow your IT Admins to provide approximately 107 automations to their end-users, resulting to optimal IT support. What’s more, our AI has the ability to learn over time by observing feedback from the data and retraining itself to provide a more accurate result. Gaspar gets smarter by leveraging data from the entire customer ecosystem, including all chat conversations. Consequently, suggested solutions improve the more Gaspar is being used, resulting to a greatly improved ITSM. ## 5. Enhance your knowledge You might have already set up a knowledge base on ServiceNow or want to start one. It doesn’t matter: as long as you don’t know what your users are asking, you don’t know what to prioritize and you will end up with a knowledge system that employees won’t use as it is not what they need. Gaspar AI’s integration analyzes all employee IT requests to present data about them e.g. which ones are the most common and impactful. Your IT team can thus identify important queries and information gaps in your knowledge base, and consequently prioritize articles that address them. Once they have been written, they are automatically read and converted using machine learning, so that when employees ask Gaspar questions, the virtual agent can give them the right and most updated answers. There you have it, your ServiceNow investment can now be fully leveraged and optimized! If you want to bring the power of Gaspar AI to your ServiceNow platform and offer a magical IT support experience, [contact us]( to discuss or [schedule a demo]( directly with our team. And if you are thinking about deploying ServiceNow’s virtual agent on the portal, please read [here]( about why integrating Gaspardesk’s AI chatbot will bring more benefits to your IT team, employees and company.