Jan 26, 2023

An AI chatbot automates password reset requests, provides data insights, automates approvals and detects issues.

8 employee IT helpdesk tasks that can be automated with AI

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When it comes to providing IT support to employees, time is of the essence. But if you’re bogged down with too many manual tasks that take up your time and resources, you may be wondering how you can streamline the process. One great way to do this is by leveraging AI to automate some of the most common IT helpdesk tasks.

Nowadays everybody is talking about AI – truth is, its potential is enormous. AI is more than just a buzzword: by leveraging it, companies can save time, money, and resources while improving overall productivity and efficiency. Conversational AI can provide your employees with immediate, real-time support and insight into common issues, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. At the same time, it will free up time for your IT team, so that they can work on more strategic projects and eliminate boring, repetitive tasks.

To get an idea of what is possible with AI, let me introduce you to 8 employee IT helpdesk tasks that can be automated – and this is just a fraction of what is possible.

1. Password Resets & MFA Management

Automating the process of resetting passwords can save IT teams a significant amount of time, considering that this type of request consumes 31%-40% of their time. AI can be used to verify identity and reset passwords quickly and securely – no need for the IT team’s involvement! It can also be used to remove MFA from specific accounts.

2. Account Creation

AI can be used to automatically create new accounts for employees, saving you time and resources. In the case of large companies especially, where 10s of new employees join the company every day, you can imagine the dramatic time savings that can be achieved.

3. Resolving common, repetitive issues

AI can be used to answer common IT issues, such as joining email lists, creating groups, joining Slack channels, finding information in the knowledge base, getting a VPN, etc. A conversational chatbot can also offer the necessary onboarding materials to new hires on their first day. AI will resolve these issues instantly and automatically, without human intervention, freeing IT teams up to address higher-priority work.

4. Software Provisioning & Installation

Providing licenses and installing new software can be a time-consuming process for IT teams. AI can be used to automate the process, allowing for faster and more accurate installations. You can automatically provision, or de-provision, the software your employees need to get work done. Instead of submitting tickets to IT they can ask a chatbot for access and receive a response in as little as seconds.

5. Proactive Issue Detection

AI can be used to detect potential issues before they become a major problem, saving time and resources. In every company, there are usually recurring support issues, from troubleshooting the VPN to getting a new password. AI can detect patterns in data and offer analytics and insights into the most common employee issues, so that your IT team can create a comprehensive support system that can provide users with the specific assistance they need.

6. Manage Approvals & Permissions

With AI, approvals for calendar and folder access, vacation requests, joining lists and groups, and much more, happen instantly and securely. The whole request approval process is streamlined: AI will identify the requester and automatically route their requests to the right manager.The manager can then just click a button to approve or deny the request, depending on the employee’s access level. No longer need to keep track of 100s of different users and their permissions!

7. Asset Management

AI can be used to automatically track, inventory and manage IT assets, reducing the need for manual processes. You can gain visibility into all your IT assets in real-time and quickly obtain precise, meaningful data on all your hardware and software, cloud and edge environments, and related applications.

8. IT ticket handling

AI can be used to automate the whole IT ticket lifecycle. When human agent help is needed, AI understands and routes requests to the right agent, based on their workload and expertise. It is also able to autonomously handle back-and-forth conversations, update employees on their ticket status, remind agents to attend to tickets, and even close tickets. Thanks to AI, providing support becomes effortless.

By leveraging AI to automate some of the most common IT helpdesk tasks, you can save time and resources, ensuring that your IT helpdesk staff can focus on more important tasks.