Mar 14, 2024

Slash support costs in half with a Generative AI helpdesk

Slash support costs in half with our Generative AI helpdesk

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In the last years, employee support costs have soared to record highs: the average helpdesk ticket cost is $26.51, a 30% increase vs two years ago, leading to greatly increased operational costs. The Mean Time to Resolve has increased to 9.72 hours, while the days tickets are backlogged are an average 12.1 now – resulting in high downtime costs. This is just a preview of how much agents’ and employees’ productivity hurts due to inefficient support – let alone the missed opportunities for revenue generation. Productivity loss ultimately leads to higher business costs, damaging the company’s profitability.

That’s why companies are now turning to Generative AI: AI-powered solutions offer instant employee support and enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the employee experience. Let's delve into how Gaspar AI, our Generative AI helpdesk, can significantly cut the costs of your company’s employee support.

Eliminate Level 1 support issues

Gaspar AI automates the resolution of the most common issues faced by employees. From mundane tasks like password resets and account unlocks to more intricate matters such as accessing specific folders or editing email lists and groups, Gaspar AI ensures these L1 issues vanish into thin air, along with their cost. Our Generative AI helpdesk solution leads to significant savings in labor costs, as it promotes self-service solutions where there is no need for human support agents to intervene.

By instantly resolving 40% of routine issues via automation or by surfacing the most relevant solutions from various systems and knowledge bases, Gaspar AI empowers employees to address common requests independently. This not only reduces the burden on the helpdesk but also minimizes downtime and opportunity costs. For example, delays in resolving technical issues that can easily be autonomously addressed may prevent employees from accessing critical systems or tools, hampering their productivity and hindering business operations.

Maximize ROI on your existing investments

Investing in self-service resources is a common strategy for helpdesks aiming to empower employees and reduce ticket volume. Yet, without proper guidance, employees may still resort to submitting tickets for even the most basic issues. Gaspar AI addresses this issue head-on by meticulously combing through all available resources within the organization to provide tailored solutions. By leveraging existing investments in ITSM, Identity and Access Management systems, and knowledge bases through seamless integrations, Gaspar AI ensures that every support dollar yields tangible returns.

Offer 24/7 employee support at no extra cost

Unlike traditional human-operated helpdesks that work within specific business hours, Generative AI helpdesks are available round-the-clock. Employees can access support whenever they encounter an issue, no matter the time. This not only improves employee satisfaction by providing timely assistance but also reduces the need for additional staff to cover extended support hours, cutting all related costs.

At the same time, it helps reduce downtime costs: every minute of downtime due to IT issues can result in lost productivity and revenue for businesses. By offering instantaneous responses and 24/7 availability, Gaspar AI minimizes downtime and its associated costs. By resolving issues quickly and efficiently, it helps companies maintain operational continuity and avoid the financial repercussions of extended downtime.

Streamline the ticket lifecycle

Gaspar AI accelerates the entire ticket lifecycle even for complex issues requiring expert attention. Our AI chatbot facilitates handoff to human agents: it helps users create a ticket by simply filling in a form on Slack or MS Teams, and then routes it to the right agent, alongside with any useful information and categorization. It sends notifications when needed and allows end users and helpdesk agents to follow up and check the status either on the ITSM platform or on Slack and Teams, until the ticket is resolved. This automation helps close the tickets faster, and minimizes the time and resources spent on escalations, resulting in cost savings for companies.

Take command of software spend

The inefficiencies surrounding software licenses can lead to significant financial waste for large companies. Gaspar AI empowers organizations to take control of their software spend by provisioning licenses instantly, just by requesting it from our Virtual Agent. It also accelerates the process of obtaining the necessary approvals and helps reclaim unused licenses. This approach not only reduces costs but also ensures that employees have timely access to the software they require to excel in their roles.

Scale employee support with no additional spend

Gaspar AI’s Generative AI helpdesk offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and fluctuating support demands. Whether supporting a small team or a large enterprise, our AI-powered platform can efficiently handle a high volume of support requests without compromising on quality or performance. This scalability ensures that companies can effectively manage support costs without sacrificing service quality or needing additional headcount.

Cut down your costs with Gaspar AI's Generative AI helpdesk

Gaspar AI offers an intuitive solution that addresses common challenges while driving significant cost savings. By automating routine tasks, enhancing support quality, maximizing ROI on existing investments, empowering employees with self-service solutions, streamlining ticket lifecycles, and taking command of software spend, Gaspar AI paves the way for a more efficient and effective support ecosystem. An employee helpdesk ticket costs just $1 when you deploy Gaspar AI, as opposed to $26.51 on average when you don’t. The choice is yours: do you want to keep spending your precious IT budget on non-value-adding projects, or finally start implementing high-impact activities?

If you’d like to learn more about cutting down your helpdesk costs while improving your employee support operations and experience, try Gaspar AI for free or schedule a free demo .