Sep 15, 2023

Gaspar AI integrates with Coda for better knowledge management

Gaspar AI teams up with Coda for excellent knowledge sharing

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Knowledge is a superpower, but it's often hidden in complex and siloed systems. That's where Gaspar AI comes in – it gathers all your info and gives employees the right answers quickly, so they can get things done faster!

By integrating with multiple knowledge bases, Gaspar AI deflects tickets by providing accurate information from solution articles. Gaspar, our AI chatbot , responds to employee questions in natural language on Slack, MS Teams or the Jira SM support portal. It gives them exactly the info they need in a human-like way. Should they need more clarifications, they can keep up the conversation until they have everything they want: Gaspar is highly interactive and conversational!

Why a knowledge base – chatbot integration matters in employee support?

With an integrated knowledge base and chatbot platform, companies can provide comprehensive yet efficient support to their employees. It enables businesses to make the most of their self-service platform and extend it with a chatbot that interacts with end users in real time on the communication platform of their choice.

By leveraging this knowledge and making it accessible, businesses will be able to quickly resolve employee queries without having to rely on human agents for mundane tasks. Companies that have knowledge base-chatbot integration in place will find themselves better equipped to provide fast and accurate answers and swift issue resolution, leading to improved employee experience, increased productivity, and higher operational efficiency.

Therefore, when it comes to AI-powered employee support platforms, the more knowledge base apps they integrate with, the better. It means that they can address the needs of most companies, guaranteeing better and effortless employee support.

Gaspar AI already integrates with Confluence , Sharepoint, ServiceNow, HelpJuice, Notion, Dropbox. Today, we welcome Coda docs in our Gaspar AI family!

Coda & Gaspar AI: a powerful duo for knowledge optimization

By integrating Gaspar AI with Coda, companies can effortlessly convert knowledge from their Coda documents into accurate solutions to employee support requests. Gaspar AI can also help create and optimize solution articles.

Effortless content retrieval

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through documents and folders. Gaspar AI quickly scans your Coda knowledge base and retrieves information. Our Virtual Agent uses this knowledge to resolve an internal request in seconds, providing the precise info employees are looking for, in a human-like answer. This reduces the helpdesk’s repetitive, manual work, and allows employees to go on with their work immediately.

Knowledge enrichment

Thanks to the Proactive Insights feature, companies get data about the most common employee questions and issues. They can thus identify information gaps and start creating relevant solution articles or update the existing ones, keeping the knowledge base dynamic and up-to-date. Helpdesk teams will be happy to know where to focus their knowledge base efforts, and employees will be satisfied to have accurate information.

Gaspar AI's integration with Coda elevates the way businesses harness their collective intelligence, making knowledge easily accessible, organized, and actionable. It enables companies to have faster and frictionless employee support, increases efficiency and reduces manual work. Gaspar AI ensures that knowledge remains your most potent asset, ready to drive your success.

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