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Auto-resolve IT issues with Jira Service Management and Gaspar AI integration

Thu Feb 09 2023

4 mins read

Gaspar AI's chatbot answers on Jira Service Management portal an employee request about being added to an email list.
You feel grateful that you have deployed Jira Service Management: it has empowered you and your team to deliver great service fast, it accelerates the flow of work between development, IT, and business teams and it enables employees to find solutions at one place. However, you still have to manage an ever-increasing number of incoming tickets, which blocks your more strategic projects and forces you to do repetitive tasks. Now, with Gaspar AI’s integration with [Jira Service Management]( and [Jira Software](, you can finally see a dramatic decline in the number of employee IT tickets you receive, and focus on the tasks that need your expertise and strategic mindset. This way, you can get the most out of your Jira products and improve the ROI of their deployment. By integrating Jira Service Management and Jira Software with Gaspar AI, you will get several capabilities that will optimize your IT support, reduce your manual work by 80% and deflect 40% of tickets. ## Auto-resolve employee IT issues on Jira Service Management & Jira Software Gaspar AI’s conversational AI chatbot automatically resolves 40% of employee IT issues instantly, without human involvement, on Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira Service Management portal. When an employee has an IT issue, they can simply ask the chatbot on the platform they prefer, and the chatbot will immediately solve it. Requests include password resets, group, channels and email lists creation and user addition, folder and calendar access, etc. This dramatically reduces IT helpdesk ticket cost and volume. Moreover, when an employee logs into the Jira Service Management portal to look for answers to their questions, they can directly ask Gaspar, our AI chatbot, and it will reply by instantly providing the relevant solution articles - no need to search in the knowledge base or ask your team! ## Automate ticket creation on Jira Service Management & Jira Software When an employee asks the chatbot about a request which the bot auto-resolves, a ticket is automatically generated on Jira Service Management or Jira Software, depending which ITSM platform you use – no need for the IT teams to manually create the relevant ticket. If the bot can't auto-resolve the issue with one of Gaspar AI's automated agents or deflect it with a knowledge management answer, then it prompts the end-user to create a ticket on the platform they are on (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira Service Management portal) - employees never have to switch platforms. All tickets are then automatically synced with Jira and handed over to the right IT agent. Tickets are tracked on both Slack or MS Teams and Jira. ## Auto-fulfill workflows on Jira Service Management Run employee IT onboarding and offboarding workflows on your Jira Service Management portal. This dramatically decreases your team’s manual work as you can easily automate repetitive processes. ## Customize Jira Service Management fields You can configure additional custom values for the Jira platform single-choice lists: you can enrich these lists by adding customized options that you can choose from, so that you can better characterize, match and track projects. You can do this on Slack, MS Teams or Jira. ## AI that learns and gets better over time The more you use Gaspar AI, the more Gaspar learns from historical data thanks to Machine Learning. When a new ticket is opened, Gaspar uses this information to fill in fields such as status, priority, and more. ## Integration that works in the cloud or on premises What’s best is that whether you host your Atlassian products in the cloud or have them deployed on your infrastructure, Gaspar AI integrates with them anyway. If you wish to integrate your Jira products with Gaspar AI and dramatically reduce your employee IT ticket volume, we can [schedule a meeting]( or you can directly get the app on the [Atlassian marketplace](