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Auto-resolve employee IT requests instantly on Slack, MS Teams and Jira SM

Thu Jan 26 2023

4 mins read

Gaspar AI's chatbot integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams to auto-resolve employee issues.
## Imagine making 40% of your IT tickets disappear! ### Now with Gaspar AI you can! Our platform auto-resolves employee IT issues instantly without human involvement and automates workflows to eliminate repetitive tasks, resulting in 80% less manual work. With Gaspar AI you offer a magical employee IT experience on Slack or MS Teams without ever having to switch platforms! Our 100% customizable platform integrates seamlessly on top of your existing tools, takes only 30min to 1hr to be deployed, and you can pick and choose which features you want to enable. It combines an always-accessible Conversational AI bot that auto-resolves 40% of problems in seconds, while getting better over time, with Workflows that auto-fulfill repetitive processes by 90%. Read our solution brief below, and let's [schedule a demo]( to see how we can help you decrease costs and increase productivity! ## [Gaspar AI Solution Brief.pdf](