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Auto-resolve employee requests instantly on Slack, MS Teams and Jira SM

Thu Jan 26 2023

4 mins read

Gaspar AI's chatbot integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams to auto-resolve employee issues.
## Imagine making 40% of your employee IT and HR tickets disappear! ### Now with Gaspar AI you can! Our platform auto-resolves employee issues instantly without human involvement and automates workflows to eliminate repetitive tasks, resulting in 80% less manual work. With Gaspar AI you offer a magical employee support experience on Slack, MS Teams and Jira SM support portal without ever having to switch platforms! Our 100% customizable platform integrates seamlessly on top of your existing tools, takes only 30min to 1hr to be deployed, and has a ChatGPT integration for human-like, accurate conversations. It combines an always-accessible Conversational AI bot that auto-resolves 40% of problems in seconds, with Workflows that automate repetitive processes by 90%. Read our solution brief below, and let's [schedule a demo]( to see how we can help you decrease costs and increase productivity! ## [Gaspar AI Solution Brief.pdf](