Apr 24, 2024

AI helpdesk use cases across the enterprise

50 AI helpdesk use cases across the enterprise

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From Sales and Marketing to IT and beyond, AI helpdesks offer a plethora of benefits, streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and elevating customer experiences across all departments within the enterprise. Let's explore how various departments can leverage AI helpdesks to drive innovation and efficiency.

IT Operations AI helpdesk use cases

An AI helpdesk can empower IT teams to better manage and respond to incidents, automate the ITSM process and optimize support operations.

  1. Hardware provisioning: Ensure all employees get the hardware they need when they need it.
  2. Identity access management: With an AI helpdesk, resetting passwords, giving access to groups and email lists or removing users from channels is as easy and quick as sending a message.
  3. Retrieve network access details: Allow employees to easily search for and retrieve details about their network access and permissions, simplifying IT operations.
  4. Software provisioning: Enable employees to have access to the right applications.
  5. Account management: Create new accounts, delete old ones, better manage existing ones.
  6. Incident management and resolution: AI helpdesks automate incident triage, diagnosis, and resolution processes by analyzing ticket data, system logs, and knowledge base articles. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, IT departments can categorize and prioritize incidents, suggest relevant solutions, and even automate resolution for common issues, thereby minimizing downtime.
  7. ITSM automation: AI helpdesks streamline operational workflows by automating routine tasks, assigning tickets, and managing resources efficiently. By intelligently routing requests, prioritizing tasks, and orchestrating workflows, operations teams can minimize manual intervention and reduce response times.
  8. Planned maintenance notifications: Keep employees informed about scheduled maintenance for IT systems and applications to reduce disturbance and downtime to a minimum.
  9. System outage alerts: Provide immediate alerts to IT teams and impacted employees whenever a critical system or application experiences downtime, facilitating rapid response and resolution.
  10. Identify priority automation projects: With AI-powered insights, IT Operations teams can prioritize projects that will have the highest impact on the business bottom line.

Sales AI helpdesk use cases

An AI helpdesk can offer multiple benefits to Sales teams, and be used across several cases:

  1. Payment and credit policies lookup: Instant access to the information salespeople are looking for.
  2. Request contract approval: Speed up decision-making from days to minutes with a streamlined approval process on one platform.
  3. Ask about data retention policy: With an AI helpdesk, sales employees can just ask a chatbot and instantly have a summary of all data retention policies.
  4. Customer data lookup: quickly find customer information, such as contact details and order history, to provide better customer service.
  5. Find info about deadlines and goals: Sales reps can ask a virtual agent about their personal sales deadlines and goals.
  6. Find their contracts’ value: Offer your Sales reps quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs and sales contracts, such as deadlines, contract value, and more.
  7. Deal milestone alerts: Alert sales representatives upon reaching pivotal milestones in deals, such as contract signings or receipt of payments.
  8. Meeting reminders: Automated reminders to employees ahead of client meetings.

Marketing AI helpdesk use cases

By integrating with marketing platforms, an AI helpdesk can be used to better manage campaigns, analyze customer feedback, find marketing materials, and much more:

  1. Find marketing materials: Employees can just ask the AI helpdesk chatbot where to find the right marketing materials (e.g. launch presentation, flyer, product video, ad) for their campaign. It will direct them to the appropriate resources.
  2. Marketing assets approval requests: Facilitate and speed up the process of approving campaign materials – notify approvers on the chat platform when a new request needs their review and simplify the approval process.
  3. Notify about campaign launch: Send notifications to employees upon the launch of a new marketing campaign.
  4. Customer feedback analysis: AI helpdesks utilize natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze customer feedback from various sources such as surveys, social media, and customer support tickets. By extracting insights, sentiment trends, and actionable feedback, marketers can refine messaging, improve campaign targeting, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Ask for event attendee list: Help event coordinators retrieve a comprehensive list of attendees for specific events and their contact details.
  6. Marketing assets’ inventory lookup: Empower employees to efficiently search for marketing assets, such as brochures, banners or promotional items, and view their inventory level.

HR AI helpdesk use cases

An AI helpdesk can tackle routine tasks, while your team empowers your people to thrive.

  1. Employee onboarding: AI helpdesks streamline the employee onboarding process by automating all related processes and tasks, therefore freeing up the HR teams to engage with employees and offer them excellent experience.
  2. Performance management: An AI helpdesk facilitates performance reviews. It enables HR teams to collect feedback from managers, peers, and subordinates through automated workflows and surveys. It can then provide valuable insights, identify development areas, and support ongoing performance improvement initiatives within the organization.
  3. Performance review notifications: Automatically prompt employees and managers when performance reviews are due.
  4. New hire orientation checklist: Send a daily email to new employees featuring a checklist of tasks necessary to complete onboarding, ensuring all steps are completed promptly.
  5. Benefits enrollment alerts: Inform employees when the benefits enrollment period starts, directing them to relevant forms and resources to select their preferred benefits.
  6. Approve time-off requests: Make it easy for HR teams to approve employee requests for time off.
  7. Handle HR policies and payroll inquiries: An AI helpdesk automates answering for HR policy and payroll related questions, reducing HR teams’ manual workload.

Finance AI helpdesk use cases

Optimize your financial operations with an AI helpdesk, making tasks like budget management, purchase approval, and expense tracking effortless:

  1. Approve purchase requests: Facilitate the swift review and approval of purchase requests, thereby optimizing the procurement workflow and guaranteeing prompt delivery of essential goods and services.
  2. Check payments’ status: AI helpdesks enable Finance teams to easily check the status of any upcoming or pending payments.
  3. Deadline alert for budget submissions: Automate reminders to department heads regarding budget submission deadlines.
  4. Payment deadline notification: Notify Finance employees when a payment deadline approaches, facilitating timely payments and preventing late fees.
  5. Financial information lookup: An AI helpdesk can enable employees to easily find reports, files, balance sheets and more, without having to spend hours searching.
  6. Invoice approval prompt: Notify Finance managers when an invoice awaits their approval, averting delays in payment processing.
  7. Expense tracking: Better track expense reports’ status and send automated reminders to employees to submit their reports before the deadline, streamlining the reimbursement process.

Legal AI helpdesk use cases

AI makes research and document review easier. Legal teams can use it to streamline workflows, mitigate legal exposure, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

  1. E-discovery: AI helpdesks enable legal teams to sift through large volumes of electronic data to find relevant documents quickly and efficiently.
  2. Lookup legal information: Provide Legal employees with a convenient way to find relevant legal and previous cases’ info.

Supply Chain Management AI helpdesk use cases

AI helpdesks streamline procurement processes and facilitate supply chain optimization through intelligent automation and predictive analytics.

  1. Purchase order approval requests: Speed-up PO approval process by informing managers promptly when a new purchase order needs their approval.
  2. Find vendor details: An AI helpdesk can empower employees to easily access vendor information, including contact details, payment terms, and purchase history.
  3. Procurement policies lookup: Easily find and understand all policies related to procurement, ensuring compliance.
  4. View supplier contracts: AI helpdesks enable employees to easily access procurement contracts, such as supplier agreements, service-level agreements, and nondisclosure agreements, along with their respective terms and conditions.

AI helpdesk use cases for all employees

I just described 44 AI helpdesk use cases across different departments, and there are so many more. Expect new use cases as AI is progressing, but to finish I will describe some more that are relevant to all employees no matter their function:

  1. Request time off: AI helpdesks streamline the time-off approval process and allow for quicker approvals.
  2. Access health insurance information: Offer employees a straightforward way to retrieve critical information regarding their health insurance benefits.
  3. Review retirement plan balance: Enable employees to promptly check their retirement account balance and access important information regarding their retirement plan.
  4. Request access to folders: Employees just ask the AI helpdesk chatbot for access to specific folders.
  5. Get how-to instructions: Empower your workforce to instantly find the information they are looking for: IT troubleshooting, VPN and network access, security FAQs, and much more.
  6. Find out PTO balance: Offer employees quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs and employment situation.

The potential of AI helpdesks for the enterprise is huge – the use cases are essentially limitless. Now is the moment to strategically assess where integrating helpdesk capabilities can make a significant impact. Which teams stand to benefit most? What workflows require conversational enhancements?

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