May 21, 2024

Explore 30+ Gaspar AI helpdesk use cases

30+ GenAI helpdesk use cases for your business

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Chatbots and AI-powered solutions have been around for a while now, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve gained real popularity among users and businesses alike, thanks to the great progress of Generative AI. You might remember Eliza, the first-ever chatbot that acted as a psychotherapist, or maybe you’ve used Clippit and you’re left with a sour taste in your mouth. Clippit (a.k.a. Clippy) was an early conversational assistant in MS Office that spoke at you rather than with you. Clippy greeted and treated repeat users as if they had never used the program before, earning widespread hate. It was less of an assistant and more of a bottleneck.

Since then, conversational AI assistants have evolved to being an indispensable part of our lives – personal (think Siri and ChatGPT) and work (think Microsoft copilot, Gaspar AI and more). Thankfully, they’ve also become great helpers, earning widespread love thanks to Generative AI advancements. It’s become imperative to deploy Generative AI in every business: it transforms business operations by enabling them to automate tasks, create new products and services and elevate customer experiences – ultimately leading to a better bottom line.

Gaspar AI is one such Generative AI solution. If you’re unsure about how you can use it and what the platform offers, this blog post is for you. You will discover multiple use cases of Gaspar AI across your company and understand why your employees and support teams will be better-off with our AI helpdesk by their side.

First, what is Gaspar AI?

Gaspar AI is a secure and always available Generative AI helpdesk platform that uses Generative AI for smarter and more efficient employee support. Thanks to advanced language models, it offers dynamic, human-like conversations, seamlessly integrating with various communication channels such as Slack and MS Teams, commonly used apps and IT systems. It empowers employees to act, search, query, and generate content across a multitude of enterprise applications.

What are Gaspar AI’s main components?

Our AI helpdesk blends several advanced technologies to deliver sophisticated automation and support, including:

  • Conversational Interface: Using technologies such as large language models (LLMs), natural language processing (NLP), and natural language understanding (NLU), it is possible to interpret and comprehend free-form requests. Processes including semantic analysis, entity extraction, and intent recognition enable smooth and coherent dialogues.

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): This involves two processes: retrieving relevant information from an extensive data source and generating a contextually enriched and accurate response which integrates the retrieved information. This step is crucial as it ensures that the output is not just factually accurate but also linguistically coherent and contextually apt.

  • Plugins: They are specialized components that execute planned actions. Each plugin is custom-built for specific tasks and system integrations, such as resetting passwords in Okta or adding accounts in Google Workspace. When combined, they automate processes seamlessly across your existing systems, leveraging your current setup.

  • Generative Summarization: Our AI model consolidates information and produces clear, accurate, human-like responses in natural language and in a digestible format, customized to each employee inquiry.

  • Act across systems: Efficient integration ensures seamless transitions between conversational comprehension, solution strategy, process automation, and summarization.

  • Trust Mechanisms: Our AI platform incorporates features such as citations, employee satisfaction review and human oversight to ensure accountability and safety.

Top 30 Gaspar AI Generative AI helpdesk use cases

The following 30 use cases highlight the extensive capabilities of Gaspar AI’s helpdesk across various enterprise systems – there are more! As you review the list, observe how our solution is uniquely equipped to not only search and retrieve information from numerous sources and repositories, or guide users to perform actions, but also to automate and act.

We designed Gaspar AI as one unified, user-friendly, easy-to-adopt, out-the-box platform. We recognize though that every business has unique needs, which is why we made our helpdesk platform scalable and offer the flexibility for organizations to extend the platform. With robust ML operations and high customization capabilities, it is easy to build and accommodate new use cases and extend to new languages while preserving critical business logic.

IT support and operations AI helpdesk use cases

An AI helpdesk can empower IT operations teams to automate the ITSM process and optimize support operations.

  1. Hardware provisioning: Ensure all employees get the hardware – be it laptop, mobile phone or tablet - they need when they need it.

  2. Automatically reset passwords: Thanks to Gaspar AI password resets can be automated, saving helpdesk teams up to 50% of their time as they don’t need to get involved in the process anymore.

  3. Software provisioning: Enable employees to have access to the right applications and better manage licenses.

  4. Account management: Create new accounts, delete old ones, better manage existing ones.

  5. MFA removal: Easily remove the MFA from a specific account.

  6. Provide Generative AI-powered search on the Jira SM support portal: Allow employees to get summarized answers straight from Confluence on JSM.

  7. Offer quick and easy ticket creation on Slack or MS Teams: For issues that need human attention, employees simply fill in a form on Slack or MS Teams to describe their issue (they can even attach screenshots and images), and a ticket is created on your ticketing platform.

  8. Ticket management on Slack or MS Teams: IT agents can see their tickets’ status, any pending approval requests, daily statistics and SLAs on Slack and MS Teams at any time.

  9. Intelligent ticket triage: Our helpdesk helps you promptly manage tickets. With its NLP capabilities, it analyzes the tickets, categorizes them, and assigns them to the right agent (depending on their expertise and availability). Moreover, it asks follow-up questions and interacts with the user to get more information for prompt resolution and accurate categorization.

  10. Identify priority automation projects: With AI-powered insights, IT Operations teams can prioritize projects that will have the highest impact on the business bottom line.

  11. Enable easy, no-search knowledge access from multiple sources: Gaspar AI integrates with knowledge bases (such as Confluence, Notion, Coda, Helpjuice and more), internal sources and repositories (e.g. Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Docs) to ingest and index information, and then answer employee questions without human intervention and with no need to look for it.

  12. Knowledge base augmentation: Our AI helpdesk uncovers the most common employee issues and identifies existing knowledge gaps. IT teams can fast-track the relevant content creation to enrich the company’s knowledge base and offer more opportunities for self-service.

  13. Track key IT metrics: On Gaspar AI’s Admin Hub, IT managers can track their chatbot’s and platform’s performance. They also monitor which features, capabilities, and resources employees find valuable, compare performance over time and take data-driven action.

  14. Customize field values on Jira: IT teams can add a new value to a configured custom field in Jira.

  15. Enable Generative AI capabilities on Atlassian Data Center: The only GenAI solution that works for Atlassian Data Center customers.

HR AI helpdesk use cases

Our Generative AI helpdesk tackles routine HR tasks and offers immediate support:

  1. Request time off: Streamline the time-off approval process and allow for quicker approvals.

  2. Offer access to health insurance information: Offer employees a straightforward way to retrieve critical information regarding their health insurance benefits.

  3. Review retirement plan balance: Enable employees to promptly check their retirement account balance and access important information regarding their retirement plan.

  4. Find out PTO balance: Offer employees quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs and employment situation.

  5. Speed-up onboarding: Make the process swift and delightful for new hires, ensuring no crucial steps are missed.

  6. Facilitate offboarding: Allow for a smooth offboarding process that keeps company data secure by automating the process.

  7. Automate reminders for performance reviews: Ensure that all employees complete their performance reviews on time by sending reminders on Slack and MS Teams.

  8. Update the organizational structure: When employees move across the company, easily change the organizational unit of an account.

  9. Send announcements for company news: Make sure that your company updates are not staying hidden and unread in the employees’ inboxes by sending automated updates on Slack and MS Teams.

Sales AI helpdesk use cases

Offer your Sales reps quick and easy access to information tailored specifically to their needs:

  1. Access their sales contracts: Sales reps ask our Generative AI Virtual Agent any contract-related question and it answers with information tailored specifically to them.

  2. Find out payment and credit policies: Empower your Sales team to quickly respond to prospects’ questions by giving them instant access to the information they are looking for.

  3. Know their projects’ deadlines: Sales reps ask our AI chatbot to give them an update and they instantly know what’s urgent and what’s not.

Collaboration AI helpdesk use cases

Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack provide ideal environments for our AI helpdesk to deliver added value through:

  1. Request access to shared folders: Employees effortlessly locate and ask our AI helpdesk chatbot for access to specific folders.

  2. Get how-to instructions: Empower your workforce to instantly find the information they are looking for: IT troubleshooting, VPN and network access, security FAQs, and much more.

  3. Task notifications: Send proactive reminders to employees about upcoming tasks and deadlines to boost productivity and minimize missed assignments.

  4. Create new groups and email lists: Allow employees to easily create a new group or email list by asking for information such as name, purpose, members, and any necessary permissions.

  5. Add people to and remove them from groups and email lists: Effortlessly add employees to groups and distribution lists, or remove them.

  6. Access shared calendars: Enable employees to access shared calendars such as vacation calendars in seconds, adhering to existing permissions.

  7. Manage people in Slack channels: Make it easy to add or remove people from Slack channels.

If you’re curious to learn more about our use cases or see Gaspar AI in action, please book a free meeting!