May 13, 2024

AI employee helpdesks and security

Are AI employee helpdesks secure?

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Generative AI has sparked extensive interest in the employee support sector, but companies often don’t consider the risks until AI models or applications are already in use.

As we analyzed in our previous blog post , there is no guaranteed way to keep employees from using Generative AI to work more efficiently – and this comes with security risks. Therefore, the most effective way to address Shadow AI is to provide an approved AI helpdesk platform. An AI employee helpdesk is a secure and always available support platform built for an AI-first world. Thanks to advanced language models, it offers dynamic, human-like conversations, seamlessly integrating with various communication channels and IT systems. It automates tasks and support resolution, and empowers employees to act, search, query, and generate content across a multitude of enterprise applications. Fueled by constantly improving generative models, AI-driven analytics for performance evaluation, and developer tools for customizable use cases, it's the future of assistance.

But how secure exactly are AI employee helpdesks?

AI employee helpdesks can be very secure if proper measures are implemented. In this article we will explore some considerations that should be in place for ensuring security.

8 steps to ensure AI employee helpdesks’ security

  1. Data encryption: Encrypting data at rest and in transit is a fundamental practice to protect sensitive information. Ensure that your chosen AI helpdesk encrypts all data transmitted between the user and the platform, and when data is transferred from your internal knowledge bases and repositories, to prevent interception by unauthorized parties.

  2. Secure access control: Implement robust access controls to restrict access to the AI helpdesk system only to authorized personnel. With Gaspar AI for instance, IT managers and Admins have complete control over who interacts with the platform and how much autonomy they have – they can configure security measures and access privileges on the Admin Hub. At the same time, Gaspar AI’s helpdesk honors all existing user permissions and access rights. This means that employees can view or access only information they are allowed to – they can’t access sensitive and confidential data if they are not supposed to.

  3. Data privacy: Make sure your AI employee helpdesk provider adheres to data privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) to protect the personal information of employees using the helpdesk. It’s also crucial that your provider does not use your company’s. With Gaspar AI you can rest assured that your company’s data and sensitive information will remain private. Any information collected from our customers is strictly confidential and will never be shared with other customers or utilized to train our generic AI model. The sole purpose of collecting these data is to enhance and personalize your individual model for an improved and tailored experience.

  4. Regular audits and updates: Regularly audit the security measures in place, validate the compliance audits of vendor and review their operational security practices. When needed, update them to address any vulnerabilities that may arise.

  5. Training and awareness: Educate employees about security best practices when interacting with the AI helpdesk, such as avoiding sharing sensitive information unless necessary and being cautious of phishing attempts. Communicate transparently about how AI models operate, ensuring that employees comprehend the technology's role in the IT helpdesk ecosystem. You should prioritize educating users on data privacy, the ethical use of AI, and the steps taken to maintain a secure environment.

  6. Secure integration: If the AI helpdesk integrates with other systems or databases, ensure that these integrations are secure and follow best practices for data exchange. Conduct thorough security assessments to ensure that the integration doesn’t compromise data security. Choose a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure. Evaluate the platform's compatibility with your current systems, applications, and databases. Ask for API support for custom integrations with CRM, project management, or other relevant applications.

  7. Vendor security: When using a third-party AI helpdesk provider, you should ensure that they have robust security measures in place and conduct due diligence on their security practices.

  8. Monitoring and incident response: Implement monitoring tools to detect any suspicious activities or breaches in real-time. Have a well-defined incident response plan in place that ensures that any security incidents are addressed swiftly and effectively, reinforcing both trust and the overall resilience of the AI employee helpdesk infrastructure. Once more, vendors that have added specialized controls and practices for testing, validating and improving the robustness of AI workflows will have an advantage.

Security is a top priority. By selecting an AI employee helpdesk that is designed with robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data and by following these measures, you can rest assured that you minimize risks and ensure a secure digital environment for all users. However, it's essential to remember that security is an ongoing process that requires regular assessment and adaptation to evolving threats.

If you have questions or are interested in our AI helpdesk and want to discuss security, please contact us .