Jan 26, 2023

AI employee helpdesk on Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira Service Management

AI employee helpdesk on Slack, Teams and Jira for auto-resolution

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Imagine making at least 40% of your employee tickets disappear!

Now with Gaspar AI you can!

Do you feel like all you do is reset passwords or add people to email lists again and again? Are you lost in a never-ending backlog of tickets?

Gaspar AI, our cutting edge Generative AI helpdesk, automatically resolves more than 40% of employee issues in natural language on Slack, Teams and Jira Service Management for effortless support – so you can now focus on the impactful stuff. It automates tasks and workflows for repetitive processes, resulting in 80% less manual work.

  • The only platform with an AI chatbot supporting 3 channels - Slack, Teams and JSM support portal
  • Tailored to your needs - choose which features you want and deploy in 30 minutes
  • Accurate, human-like conversations and answers thanks to advanced LLM training
  • One unified solution with a user-friendly interface, unlimited usage and no hidden costs

And don’t worry about how your existing tools and apps fit into the new picture! Gaspar AI seamlessly integrates on top of your company’s existing applications – so no switching costs! It offers more than 100+ automations thanks to more than 30 software integrations .

How we make a difference

  • AI-powered employee support (up and running in 1 hour): Automate countless tasks from day one – no coding, no training. Gaspar AI works autonomously to understand employee support issues, find the optimal solution and address them instantly.
  • Accelerate and simplify complex processes: Automate workflows (e.g. employee onboarding) and connect systems without coding – just use our intuitive templates!
  • Make company knowledge available and easily accessible: Employees can access all your content, data and files seamlessly on Slack, MS Teams and JSM support portal through natural language, while adhering to permissions and access privileges.
  • Improve support with AI recommendations: Empower your teams to identify, prioritize and act on the most impactful automation initiatives and missing content thanks to GenAI-powered insights and analytics.
  • Speed-up complex issue resolution: By facilitating handoff to the right agent with easy ticket creation on Slack and MS Teams, smart categorization and routing, you can resolve even the most complex issues easier and more quickly.

    Read our solution brief below to learn more about our AI employee helpdesk, and let's schedule a demo to see how we can help you decrease costs and increase productivity!