May 18, 2023

AI chatbot and employee helpdesk software to augment service desk capabilities and do more in less time

Get more done faster with Gaspar AI's employee helpdesk software

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Sick and tired of the never-ending employee helpdesk ticket backlogs and endless IT and HR requests at work? Gaspar AI is coming to your rescue!

Supercharge your productivity and accomplish more in less time with our cutting-edge AI employee helpdesk software, with an advanced Generative AI chatbot, Workflows and Proactive Insights! From automating mundane tasks to uncovering valuable insights, Gaspar AI is your ultimate productivity ally.

Say goodbye to limitations and unlock a new level of success thanks to more than 100+ automations and seamless integrations. Now employees solve their IT and HR requests right where they are - on Slack, Microsoft Teams or the ITSM self-service portal -, instantly and without human intervention, help desk teams speed-up and run repetitive workflow processes like magic, and IT leaders optimize employee support thanks to data analytics and proactive insights.

An advanced AI employee helpdesk software

Gaspar, our AI Virtual Agent, is built from the ground up to work in MS Teams, Slack and Jira SM, and to seamlessly integrate on top of your company’s existing applications – so no switching costs. From Day One, it can automatically and instantly answer up to 40% of recurrent employee requests without human involvement.

It offers more than 100+ automations thanks to more than 30 software integrations. It can be deployed in as little as 30 minutes.

It uses artificial intelligence and a large language model to understand user intent and context and solve employee issues, thus dramatically reducing your ticket volume and manual work. Our AI chatbot is trained on the most advanced LLMs.

With Gaspar's Generative AI capabilities end users will be able to:

  • Get instant, human-like, accurate answers to their questions with no need to search the knowledge base.
  • Resolve repetitive support requests within a few seconds and without creating a ticket.
  • Approve or decline requests on MS Teams and Slack.

And your employee helpdesk team can:

  • Save time by deflecting tickets to work on strategic projects.
  • Log and manage tickets directly from MS Teams and Slack.
  • Follow up the process on MS Teams and Slack.

100+ employee helpdesk software automations

Main automations you will get with Gaspar AI include:

  • Password Reset
  • Account creation, addition, removal & suspension
  • Calendar access
  • People addition to or removal from channels
  • Folder management
  • License management
  • Group creation, user addition and removal
  • Time off request

The platform also includes Workflow Automation to help teams build and automate workflows for repetitive processes.

Super fast and efficient employee helpdesk support

Get ready to reimagine employee support with Gaspar AI's groundbreaking employee helpdesk software. Are you ready to dive in and experience the transformative power of Gaspar AI?

Read our informative to discover all of Gaspar AI’s applications and how you can have a high-performing AI helpdesk on Slack, MS Teams or Jira.

If you are excited to remove the boring part of your job and offer higher-than-expected employee support service, contact us to schedule a demo or discuss your needs . Let's get started!