Sep 22, 2023

Employee chatbot with Dialog management capabilities

Employee-chatbot conversations redefined with new dialog capabilities

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Imagine you're at work, you want to take some days off and decide to ask the company's chatbot about it. You ask, "Hey Bot, what's the time-off policy?" The chatbot delivers a prompt response, "Your vacation days’ number depends on your length of employment, and you can take them all at once or per month." Ecstatic, you decide to dig deeper, "Great! And how are the days calculated with regards to my length of employment?" To your astonishment, the bot's digital gears grind to a halt, and it responds, "My favorite color is blue. What's yours?" You can't help but scratch your head in disbelief. It turns out, your company’s chatbot might be the best at one-liners, but when it comes to a real conversation, it's more like a comedy show than a helpful chatbot!

When your employee support relies on an AI-powered platform to solve IT & HR issues more quickly and efficiently, having a chatbot that employees want to use and talk to is essential. That's why our employee support chatbot is taking a significant leap forward with its new feature – advanced Dialog Management capabilities.

What is Dialog Management?

Advanced Dialog Management is a sophisticated system integrated into our chatbot that allows for more natural and human-like interactions between employees and the bot. It is responsible for the state and flow of the conversation, and for multi-turn interactions. It allows us to control how the bot navigates between tasks, i.e., how it behaves when required to pause a particular task, switch intent, complete a different task, and then return to the original user request without losing context. Thus, it enables the chatbot to comprehend and manage complex dialogues, offering a seamless and efficient support experience.

Why is Dialog Management important?

Dialog management is essential for maintaining context and guiding dynamic conversations. It allows for flexibility and customization options and empowers the chatbot to deliver engaging and coherent conversational experiences to users.

Enhanced user experience: Traditional chatbots often struggle with understanding nuanced queries or maintaining context during a conversation. Dialog Management bridges this gap, ensuring that employees feel heard and understood, thus enhancing their experience.

Improved problem-solving: The chatbot can now ask and answer clarifying questions, dig deeper into the issue, and provide more accurate solutions, reducing frustration for employees.

Faster issue resolution: With the ability to manage complex dialogues, the chatbot can pinpoint issues more accurately and provide quicker solutions. This means less downtime and increased productivity for your workforce.

Reduced help desk workload: Help desk teams often face a high volume of routine queries. Our advanced Dialog Management allows the chatbot to handle more of these routine tasks, freeing them up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

How does it work?

Our chatbot leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand the intent behind each user query. It uses this understanding to maintain context, ask follow-up questions when necessary, and provide relevant solutions from your internal repositories and knowledge base.

Dialog mastery for enhanced help desk operations and experiences

Advanced Dialog Management capabilities in Gaspar, our employee support chatbot, signify a major leap in providing exceptional support to your workforce. It's not just about solving technical issues but also about ensuring a positive, efficient, and user-centric experience. By investing in this technology, you're not only optimizing your help desk support operations but also empowering your employees to work seamlessly and productively.

Upgrade your IT and HR support today and witness the transformation it brings to your company. Schedule a demo with us and see Gaspar’s human-like conversations in real time!